I was a bit surprised.

I believe in some problems of the Qin family, but I didn't expect that they have reached this point.

Qin CI looked around at me, took my hand and said, "it's nothing. It's not a big deal."

Qin Ci's house is very big. Many things will be moved away, and there are few servants. All of a sudden, he looks lonely.

But aunt Qiu is still there.

"Grandma, in fact, it's useless for me if you give me that house, or I'll sell it and pay for it..."

"No, there's nothing trivial about any enterprise. It's just exaggeration."

Half way through, I was interrupted by Qin CI.


I'm a little hesitant.


If I didn't go into Qin Ci's house, I might really feel that way.

But now I see that there are fewer servants and antiques in my family, and the huge house seems desolate. I have long guessed that the whole thing is not what Qin CI said.

"It's OK. It's OK."

Qin CI said nothing but nothing.

I guess she knows the situation of Qin's family well, and she doesn't know what to say except that she has nothing to do.

Thinking about Qin Jiameng and Ji Qingxuan, I asked, "if Qin Is it better for my sister to marry Ji Qingxuan? "

Originally I wanted to talk about Qin Jiameng.

But at this time, my relationship with Qin Jiameng is not good, Qin CI may be more distressed.

So I changed my mouth.

Qin CI once heard of it and sighed, "Alas, this relationship is hard won. Xiaomeng uses the stupidest way to add points for herself, and eventually she will hit her feet with a stone."

I know what she's talking about.

"But, before is not Ji Qingxuan's grandfather already nodded?"

"Now Lao Ji has gone back on his words, and I have no face to intercede with Xiao Meng."

Qin Ci's face was full of embarrassment.

I know what she's talking about.

Looking at her like this, I have some regrets

If I hadn't discovered Qin Jiameng's plagiarism, maybe things wouldn't have been like this.

I was silent. Qin CI patted my hand. "You don't have to think about it. This time, it has nothing to do with anyone. Qin, like me, is old. There are always some old problems that have been squeezed for many years."

That day I was in Qin Ci's home, more than I comforted Qin Ci, but Qin CI comforted me.

She told me again and again in a tough tone that we must not sell the house of Yancheng No.1.

I have to promise for the time being.

But if Qin really has difficulties, I think I will sell the house.


after that, life remains the same.

Because of my good work, I finally took over the project of a small western restaurant.

After all, this western restaurant is located in the downtown area. On the first day, I went to measure it and prepared for the renderings.

I worked hard all day and came out of the shop in the evening.

Is struggling to go where to fill the stomach, a look up, but saw a familiar figure.

Ji Qingxuan.

Many days no see, the man's brilliance is still, a sapphire blue handmade shirt, casual pants, and beside him, a woman and he stood side by side.

They are walking to a jewelry store.

That shop specializes in diamonds, focusing on wedding rings.

Although I only saw a figure, but I am very sure that this woman is not Qin Jiameng.

Because her hair is as black and shiny as seaweed, and Qin Jiameng's hair is dyed and permed all the year round.

What's more, according to the last time Qin Jiameng was pregnant.

If there is no accident, Qin Jiameng has been pregnant for three months now, it is absolutely impossible to wear high heels.

The figure will not be so delicate.

Clearly has decided to draw a line with him, but I still follow the past.

I went up to the door of the jewelry store and took a peek.

All the waiters in the shop surround Ji Qingxuan and the woman beside him.

I saw the shop assistant take out a large diamond ring and show it to them. The woman shook her head, and the waiter changed it again. If the woman shook her head again, the waiter changed it again.

I watched it for about five minutes.

The waiters kept taking out boxes of diamond rings from a house in the back, and the women looked at them one by one.

Ji Qingxuan stood beside him, with no impatience in his expression.

Just stay with me.

I feel a little sour.

Looking at that woman, the more I look at her, the more I feel that she is


Because this woman has a red mole on her eyebrow.

I'm more familiar with this mole than with this woman.

They looked at it for a while, but they didn't seem to be satisfied. It seemed that they were going to leave. I was so scared that I ran away.I went to the most humble snack bar and asked for a bowl of wonton.

When eating, a picture flashed in my head

"It's her!"

I suddenly think of, Ji Qingxuan accompany of this woman is who!

This is a thing that has been almost forgotten by me.

About 2-3 years after I saved Ji Qingxuan.

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