"Brother Ji, what's the matter with you?" I asked.

"I twisted my foot." Ji Zhaoming grinned bitterly. "I want to ask if your family has any medicine for traumatic injuries."

I only have band aids at home, medicine for headache and cold.

I shook my head. "No, but I'll buy it for you."

"I'll buy it. It's so late."

Ji Zhaoming refused.

"But your feet..."

"It's OK. I can walk with a limp."

Because I don't trust Ji Zhaoming to limp to buy medicine.

Ji Zhaoming doesn't trust me to go out alone at night.

In the end, the two of us decided to go together.

There is a 24-hour pharmacy outside the community.

I walk with him in the community. There is a large section of stone road in the community. Although it is difficult for him to walk, he always keeps a distance from me.

Avoid tripping and leaning on me.

Looking at his trembling walk, I still went to help him.

Ji Zhaoming looked at me gratefully and said, "thank you."

We two went to the pharmacy to buy medicine and went back. As soon as we got to the gate of the community, we heard a scream in the distance!

"Help, help!"

We both stopped at the same time, looked at the past, saw a woman with messy hair, frantically running to the direction of the community gate.

When she saw us, she seemed to see hope and ran faster.

He ran and yelled, "help

Not far away, there are several people in black who seem to be bodyguards chasing after them.