I was a bit surprised.

"Yes, about my elder brother, Ji Qingxuan!" Yizian nodded quickly.

Although I was a little curious, I thought of Jiang Qin bothering him and said, "no, I have nothing to do with him."

This time, I led Jiang Qin away.

But this time Jiang Qin stopped and said, "tell me, what's the matter."

Seeing Jiang Qin wavering, Yi zi'an was a little bit aggressive. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Hey. This is exclusive to me. If you want to know, at least you have to exchange it in your name. "

He added, "and the phone."


After listening, Jiang Qin just rolled his eyes.

I took Jiang Qin and left, "no, I don't want to know his information any more."

Jiang Qin didn't move.

At this time, the masked beauty beside yizian finally couldn't see it any more. She pointed to Jiang Qin and scolded, "why do you have so many tricks and play hard to get? It's your honor for Yi to ask you less for a phone call!"

She said, and then took yizian's arm to act like a coqueter, "Yishao, you see this woman doesn't give you face. She's not as good as me. Let's go."

Jiang Qin took a look at the woman and hesitated for a moment. Then he took out a business card from his bag and handed it to Yi Zian, "go ahead."

"You, you woman, why are you so unprincipled!"

That masked beauty was in a hurry!

She also saw that yizian's interest was not in herself at all. Now Jiang Qin gave him his business card, didn't she completely get out of the game?

Yizian really ignored her.

After I finished my business card, I looked at it carefully and laughed with satisfaction, "stewardess? Not bad. "