Ji Qingxuan looked at me and didn't speak.

I went to Shengxin hospital today to see Qin Jiameng, including her standing in front of the bed.

After that, I looked up at Ji Qingxuan again and said, "you can't believe me."

With that, I handed the clothes to the servant and went to the room by myself.

But heard behind Ji Qingxuan said, "in a few days you have a birthday, there is no place you want to go, or want a gift."


This word is familiar but strange to me.

Counting the days, the birthday is really coming, but there are more than two weeks left.

I look back at Ji Qingxuan. The man is loosening his tie with his hand.

To tell you the truth, he's so sexy.

He took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a little of his strong chest muscle.

That pair of deep black eyes looking at me, what I think of is that he also looks at Qin Jiameng like this.

The slender hands also meet Qin Jiameng's hands at any time.

What I want is a complete Ji Qingxuan, a Ji Qingxuan that only belongs to me.

But I know it's impossible.

I quietly looked at Ji Qingxuan and said, "what I want is that I have never known you."

If you can't have it, you'd better never know it.

"Don't be angry." Ji Qingxuan came and hugged me.

This time, I did not resist, only heard the voice of the man from the top of my head, "I know what you want, give me a little time, after my side only you a woman."

It's a lie.

This is what I said in my heart.

I know he's cheating, but it's a good lie.