Fan Yu turned pale, but said quickly, "what plagiarism? Qin Jiaqi was jealous of Meng Meng's talent. Just before she knew Chen Lan, she made those things to set her up! "

"Is it?" I listen to Fan Yu's pale explanation, only feel ridiculous, "that is Chen Lan's work, not me alone, I hang out, many colleagues also identified, to blame can only blame Qin Jiameng stupid, Chen Lan's work personal characteristics so obvious, she copied is to hit the muzzle!"

"Come on, go back."

Ji Qingxuan took me to leave.

Fan Yu wanted to come and take it, but Qin Zhaomin took it down.

After all, they can offend me, but they can't offend Ji Qingxuan.

He took me into the community and naturally wanted to go in the direction of his house.

I stood in the same place and asked him, "Ji Qingxuan, were you there in Qin Jiameng last night?"

"Yes, she was yesterday..." Ji Qingxuan said here, pause, seems to be thinking about what, then said, "committed suicide outside, fortunately was found in time by passers-by, picked up a life."

"If she committed suicide every night, would you go with her every night?" I said with a sarcastic smile, "yes, she's your fiancee."

Ji Qingxuan saw that I was angry, didn't speak, didn't answer, just reached out and wanted to hold me in his arms.

I backed away and asked him, "how about Ji Qingxuan, our child? Is that what she said? "

"I've had it checked. There's no evidence yet." Ji Qingxuan said.

I don't know if he's putting me off.

But a good businessman must be a good actor.

If he wants to cheat me, it may be difficult for me to find out the flaw.

"Well, there's another thing. I'm looking for a job. I'll live there myself in the future. It's convenient for you and Qin Jiameng in the future."

I finish saying, Ji Qingxuan's brow has already wrinkled.

He looked at me and asked, "jealous?"