Fan Yu turned pale, but said quickly, "what plagiarism? Qin Jiaqi was jealous of Meng Meng's talent. Just before she knew Chen Lan, she made those things to set her up! "

"Is it?" I listen to Fan Yu's pale explanation, only feel ridiculous, "that is Chen Lan's work, not me alone, I hang out, many colleagues also identified, to blame can only blame Qin Jiameng stupid, Chen Lan's work personal characteristics so obvious, she copied is to hit the muzzle!"

"Come on, go back."

Ji Qingxuan took me to leave.

Fan Yu wanted to come and take it, but Qin Zhaomin took it down.

After all, they can offend me, but they can't offend Ji Qingxuan.

He took me into the community and naturally wanted to go in the direction of his house.

I stood in the same place and asked him, "Ji Qingxuan, were you there in Qin Jiameng last night?"

"Yes, she was yesterday..." Ji Qingxuan said here, pause, seems to be thinking about what, then said, "committed suicide outside, fortunately was found in time by passers-by, picked up a life."

"If she committed suicide every night, would you go with her every night?" I said with a sarcastic smile, "yes, she's your fiancee."

Ji Qingxuan saw that I was angry, didn't speak, didn't answer, just reached out and wanted to hold me in his arms.

I backed away and asked him, "how about Ji Qingxuan, our child? Is that what she said? "

"I've had it checked. There's no evidence yet." Ji Qingxuan said.

I don't know if he's putting me off.

But a good businessman must be a good actor.

If he wants to cheat me, it may be difficult for me to find out the flaw.

"Well, there's another thing. I'm looking for a job. I'll live there myself in the future. It's convenient for you and Qin Jiameng in the future."

I finish saying, Ji Qingxuan's brow has already wrinkled.

He looked at me and asked, "jealous?"

"Isn't that what you want?" I don't deny it.

Although I want to dig out my feelings for Ji Qingxuan from my heart, let him completely become a person who doesn't care.

But when I really tried, I found that it was impossible.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me standing two steps away from him, and his sharp eyes flashed a touch of tenderness. "I apologize. As compensation, I will free up the floor of my office downstairs and build a team for you. What do you think?"

Below his office is the second top floor of Optimus group.

No matter how close Qin Jiameng's studio was to Optimus group, it can't be any closer than here.

"I think it's very similar to the ancient emperors who treated their concubines for favors and gave them a few lychees to the empress. If the empress is jealous, you can send a lychee tree to appease her. I don't need it. I want to go Yufeng design. " I said.

Yufeng design should be replaced now. When I go there, no one may recognize me.

"Well, you can go any time." Ji Qingxuan's expression, no accident.

It seems that he knew I would refuse, so he just talked.

It made me realize what

I said, "but I want your downstairs floor too. As for what to do, I have to think about it again."

I thought Ji Qingxuan would be in a bit of a dilemma.

After all, it's usually coo downstairs of Optimus group, and there are also some senior executives' offices. Give them to me? How is that possible?

To my surprise, Ji Qingxuan said directly, "OK, I'll help you out in three months."

I was stunned.

The man then said, "the condition is that you are not allowed to live back to your own home, and you should live with me."

This condition is for the whole layer of Optimus group

I'm afraid a fool won't change it.

"Well, I won't come back."

I promised to come down.

Ji Qingxuan and I went home. To my surprise, he just changed his clothes and left.

"Where to?"

I asked him.

In fact, it's more than one question.

Ji Qingxuan was putting on his shoes when he heard me ask him, "go to the company."


I should be a meaningful, see men do not look back on the left.

But in my heart, he was lying!

as soon as he left, I went out, took a taxi and went straight to the Sacred Heart Hospital.

I want to meet him there, so he has nothing to say.

I went to Shengxin hospital, because I had lived in the hospital before, and I had an identity. After I went in smoothly, I went to the inpatient department to ask Qin Jiameng about her ward.

The nurse seemed to know Qin Jiameng very well. As soon as she saw me, she said, "are you Qin Jiameng's twin sister? He's in bed seven on the 12th floor. "

I thank you, straight upstairs, want to ambush Ji Qingxuan.

When I went to the door of the ward where the seven good beds were, I saw that the door was open. Qin Jiameng was standing by the windowsill, talking to the nurses standing beside him."Is this the man who committed suicide last night and was saved a life?"

I thought.

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