I finished my microblog and raised it to Qin Jiameng!

Qin Jiameng just took a look and turned white!

"You deleted the microblog!" She came at once, trying to grab the cell phone.

As soon as I dodged, she threw herself in the air.

I put my mobile phone into my bag and said calmly, "you remind me, otherwise I can't remember to send photos. I'll send them early so that you won't find someone to assassinate me next time. I'm sure I'm not so lucky every time. Since I'm going to die, I'll also pull you on the back."

"Qin Jiaqi!" Qin Jiameng has no heart to talk to me.

Her mind is all in the mobile phone, want to grab, but can't grab!

I looked at her without any sense of revenge. I just felt that she deserved what she had done.

"Well, Weibo has also been sent. I'm going back to reply to you." I smile, "in addition to Weibo, I plan to send it to several popular forums to show you what kind of genius the main designer of Jiameng design studio is."

With that, he went home.

Because it's night, and the community is separated by people and cars, most of the people who live here are car owners, so there are very few people walking on the ground.

Even if we make so much noise, no one will find out.

I am familiar with the environment of the community, so I get rid of Qin Jiameng when I plug in the path.

However, when I got to the door of the building, Qin Jiameng suddenly rushed out from the nearby flowers and stood in the door with a grim smile, "Qin Jiaqi, you have only one way to revenge me, and I have 10000 ways to revenge you!"

"Is it?"

I looked up at her bleary eyes.

In fact, I believe what Qin Jiameng said. She spent a lot of time calculating me.

"Yes, do you know who is looking for someone to kill your child in prison?"