I took a look at Lu Qiaoyu and he nodded before I picked him up.

And open the public release.

The other side of the phone is the town hospital of Lu Qiaoyu's hometown. The other side told us that Lu Qiaoyu's mother drank pesticide and is now in the rescue!

When the other party finished, Lu Qiaoyu rushed to the door without looking back!

I also followed, but I rushed to the manager's counter, gave him the boarding pass, and said that we might not be boarding, and we would pick up our luggage in a few days.

When I ran out again, I couldn't see Lu Qiaoyu.

I'll call him.

It took a long time for Lu Qiaoyu to pick up. He said that he was already in a taxi and bought the latest train.

He said, "you don't have to go."

"I'll go."

I said decisively.

It's about me. I have to go.

And if Lu Qiaoyu's mother really has a weakness, then I'm afraid I will bear a lifetime of guilt.

Fortunately, Lu Qiaoyu and I got on the train one by one. When I got off the train at the railway station, I saw him in front of me.

I caught up.

Lu Qiaoyu saw me and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't expect my mother to be so impulsive."

"No, she just loves you." I whispered, "I envy having a mother who loves you so much."

Although this maternal love looks abnormal in this situation.

Lu Qiaoyu and I took the train to his hometown Town, and immediately took a taxi to the hospital.

When he went in, Lu Qiaoyu's father was sitting in the corridor.

"Dad." Lu Qiaoyu rushes in.

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