"No I think today's Lu Qiaoyu is a little strange, so I can only comfort him first, "I need to think about it, you give me a little time."

The phone fell silent again.

After a long time, the man just said "yes" and hung up.

At that time, I didn't understand why Lu Qiaoyu was like this.

But in just three days, I understood.

Because three days later, our company changed its owner and a new boss took office.

I didn't see the mysterious boss that day, but the rumors about him in the office have been flying all over the sky.

Some say it's an old man, some say it's a handsome guy.

At noon, when I went to dinner, I saw people from a furniture company carrying furniture in.

The furniture is very luxurious, leather sofa, huge mahogany desk.

Seeing this, I can't help thinking of a person

But soon, I gave up the idea.

How could it be Ji Qingxuan.

His company doesn't do design at all, especially interior design. It doesn't have the money to charge so many companies?

It turns out that he has the money to burn.

That afternoon, the company held a meeting. It was clear that they were all leaders above the middle level, but for the first time, I was called in.

And when I went in, I found that Lu Qiaoyu was not there.

At the meeting, Shu Qing announced that I was promoted to the new CEO Assistant.

"Me? New CEO? "

I'm a little confused.

Shu Qing nodded, "yes, after the new CEO has read the company's employee information, he appointed you."

"Congratulations, Xiao Qin."

"Yes, the new CEO is very powerful. You have a bright future with him."

"So many female employees, you are chosen, which shows that you are outstanding."

On the surface, these middle-level leaders congratulated, but their faces were filled with disdain.

I know that in their eyes, I must have got this position by some improper means.

It's my dream to be a designer. My dream is to become a super first class interior designer!

But what is an assistant?

It's just for the CEO.

Although I can't change my decision, I don't want to give up my dream. I say, "I don't want to be an assistant, I want to be a designer."

As soon as the words came out, people around me looked at me with the eyes of the mentally retarded.

After all, everyone knows that being an assistant is much easier than being a designer.

Shu Qing didn't seem surprised at my proposal. She said to me with a cold face, "no, this is what the new CEO said. If you want to refuse, go and tell him in person."

"Where is he?"

I asked.

Since I have decided to speak, I don't intend to shrink back.

Shu Qing looked at his watch. "He will leave the company at 5 o'clock. You can go now."

I took out my cell phone to have a look, and it was 4:30.

After thanking Shu Qing, I turned around and ran to the CEO's office upstairs.

In fact, the company has always had a CEO's office, because the last CEO was a shopkeeper, so it was basically empty.

I didn't expect the CEO to be in charge himself.

I thought he would be a serious and responsible person and would respect an employee with a dream.

Unfortunately, I was too naive.

When I got to the door, the door of the office was open. I looked through the crack of the door and saw a familiar figure.

The man looked at the computer screen and didn't think of me.

Seeing him, I felt cold all over.

All of a sudden, I understand why Lu Qiaoyu said that yesterday!

I pushed open the door, two steps into the office and asked, "Mr. Ji, can't you let me go?"

Ji Qingxuan looked up and saw me. There was a trace of hurt emotion in his black eyes, but it was soon covered by indifference.

Said, "in this world, I Ji Qingxuan things, even if I don't want, is also mine, can't belong to others."

"Ha ha." I suddenly feel funny, "Ji general this speech is not think for a long time?"

Maybe because last time I said that I was just garbage he didn't want.

"There's no need to think about it." The man stood up and looked at me. "The first time you gave me, you should stay with me."

His words, let me feel ridiculous!

I didn't smile, but looked at him and said coldly, "Mr. Ji, it's not ancient, you're not the emperor, we're just your friends. Now you get married, I get married, and it's easy to get together. Can't you afford to play?"

When I finished, I stepped back and wanted to go.

But the man blocked the door and pressed me on the coffee table.

There is a vase on the tea table, I panic, hand sweep, the vase fell on the ground!But he soon suppressed his emotion, looked at Ji Qingxuan and asked him, "does Ji always like to play this kind of trick?"

Ji Qingxuan forced me and said, "yes, as long as it's you, you can arouse my desire everywhere."

Then he pressed his face down and kissed my ear,

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