Looking at the man's eyes, I can't help blushing.

I spent the whole new year in Lu Qiaoyu's small town.

Lu Qiaoyu has shown great concern for me these days, and his parents have also been very kind to me.

Let me feel the warmth of home for the first time, the warmth of parents and elders.

This kind of warmth is different from Qin Zhaomin's and Fan Yu's words, which I try hard to please but only to deal with.

I can feel that Lu Qiaoyu's parents are good people, and they may also love me.

Although we are not sure about the relationship between male and female friends, it is just a window paper for us now.

Just poke, you can break.

I think, I become his true girlfriend, may just be an opportunity.

At the end of the New Year holiday, many of my colleagues had already arrived when I arrived at the company.

We all talk about the new year in groups.

I went in alone, and someone said hello to me and asked me how I was.

This new year is unprecedented for me.

I think back, smile and respond to colleagues, "good."

Colleagues seemed to smell the smell of gossip. As soon as they brightened their eyes, they asked me, "ouch, you smile so sweetly, don't you live with Vice President Lu?"

"What? Have you met your parents with Vice President Lu? "

When other colleagues heard this, they also gathered around.

Because Lu Qiaoyu said that he liked me, and we all know that, so it's not too unexpected for me and him.

As I hesitated to answer, a voice came from behind the crowd, "what are you talking about?"

It's Lu Qiaoyu.

As soon as he arrived, all his colleagues immediately changed their goals and gathered around to greet him with a happy new year.

Then immediately change the topic and ask him who he spent the new year with.

At this time, Lu Qiaoyu raised his head, looked at me with his eyes, and began to smile.

This action, we all understand.

Someone complained, "well, I don't seem to have a chance."

"Yes, I've seen my parents. I'm going to shift my goal."

After all the complaints, they broke up.

Lu Qiaoyu came up to me and asked me in a gentle voice, "what would you like to eat at night?"

"Thinking about the evening now?" I looked up and blinked at him.

"Or you can say something else." Lu Qiaoyu half squatted down, from looking down on me to looking up, "in fact, I just want to talk to you, say anything."

His words made me feel a little embarrassed.

While we were chatting, we heard a noise outside the office. It seemed that Shu Qing was coming.

Colleagues are busy to greet Shuqing happy new year.

I didn't care, but Shu Qing suddenly stood at the door of my office, looking at Lu Qiaoyu, and said, "don't fall in love. Come to the meeting room and have a meeting."

Then he left in a hurry.

But I can tell that his tone is very serious.

After Lu Qiaoyu left, his colleagues all came back from the outside and gathered around to discuss.

It seems that all the middle-level and above leaders are called to the meeting, and Shu Qing's expression, it may be a big event.

After that, everyone was talking about what the big event was.

Someone asked, "is the company yellow?"

Some people in the crowd said mysteriously, "my uncle knows the shareholders of the company. During the new year, he said that someone bought the shares of that person at a sky high price in those days. I'm afraid it's going to change owners."

As soon as the big news came out, the discussion became more intense.

Everyone is thinking about their own future.

I didn't care. I just started to send e-mail to the clients who consulted me years ago. By the way, I asked how I thought about the decoration.

After all, no company wants me, so no matter who the company gives me, don't I have to work here?

The meeting lasted all morning.

It won't be dissolved until noon.

I met Lu Qiaoyu in the canteen. He looked a little dignified. I asked him what the meeting content was. He just laughed and said it was "daily meeting".

After saying these four words, Lu Qiaoyu didn't say anything during the whole lunch.

It's just eating.

I didn't eat much, and I ended up pouring out most of it.

This is very different from Lu Qiaoyu's style.

I watched him pour out the meal and couldn't help asking, "is something wrong?"

"Nothing." Lu Qiaoyu raised his hand and touched my hair, "but there's something temporary. I may not be able to have dinner with you at night. You remember to eat on time. The new year is still very long. Don't work overtime. You're tired."

Although Lu Qiaoyu always cares about me, he seldom says so much at one time.

It's like going away.I looked at him suspiciously, what else do you want to ask? The man had already turned around and left without waiting for me.

Because the new year was not busy, I got off work on time. When I left, I went to Lu Qiaoyu's office and knocked on the door. No one answered. I pushed the door again and found that it was locked.

In principle, there should be no work on the first day of the new year

I left a little suspicious.

I eat alone in the evening.

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