Looking at the man's eyes, I can't help blushing.

I spent the whole new year in Lu Qiaoyu's small town.

Lu Qiaoyu has shown great concern for me these days, and his parents have also been very kind to me.

Let me feel the warmth of home for the first time, the warmth of parents and elders.

This kind of warmth is different from Qin Zhaomin's and Fan Yu's words, which I try hard to please but only to deal with.

I can feel that Lu Qiaoyu's parents are good people, and they may also love me.

Although we are not sure about the relationship between male and female friends, it is just a window paper for us now.

Just poke, you can break.

I think, I become his true girlfriend, may just be an opportunity.

At the end of the New Year holiday, many of my colleagues had already arrived when I arrived at the company.

We all talk about the new year in groups.

I went in alone, and someone said hello to me and asked me how I was.

This new year is unprecedented for me.

I think back, smile and respond to colleagues, "good."

Colleagues seemed to smell the smell of gossip. As soon as they brightened their eyes, they asked me, "ouch, you smile so sweetly, don't you live with Vice President Lu?"

"What? Have you met your parents with Vice President Lu? "

When other colleagues heard this, they also gathered around.

Because Lu Qiaoyu said that he liked me, and we all know that, so it's not too unexpected for me and him.

As I hesitated to answer, a voice came from behind the crowd, "what are you talking about?"

It's Lu Qiaoyu.

As soon as he arrived, all his colleagues immediately changed their goals and gathered around to greet him with a happy new year.

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