Ji Qingxuan's words scared me!

Shut up.

No one else can see.

These words remind me of the events in prison and kidnapping.

I struggled desperately, shouting, "help! help! Help

My eyes look at Ji Zhaoming's room. Although I know he is seldom at home, there is still a trace of hope in my heart!

But after I cried for a long time, the door didn't move.

Ji Qingxuan also realized that Ji Zhaoming was not at home.

He seemed to understand something, hugged me and said, "come with me, stay with me, don't go anywhere."

"No! You are crazy

"I don't have it. I can give you everything you want, clothes, houses, gems, cosmetics, whatever you want. I'll buy it for you as long as you stay with me!"

Ji Qingxuan said to press the elevator door behind.

I struggle.

But he's too powerful.

When I saw the elevator room going up layer by layer, my heart was scared.

I'm really afraid that the elevator will come soon and he will drag me directly to the underground parking lot.

"Ji Qingxuan, Ji Qingxuan, calm down, calm down! You love Qin Jiameng. Qin Jiameng has never been me! "

I tried to wake him up in the name of Qin Jiameng!

Sure enough, when I said the name, the man behind me suddenly quieted down.

He held me and buried his head on my shoulder. After a moment of silence, he said, "no, I don't love her. I just owe her."