This question, my heart has been raised to my throat.

I looked at Lu Qiaoyu for fear of what he would say.

Lu Qiaoyu knew me so well. Of course he knew what I thought. He was silent for a while and said, "I'm not married, I don't have a girlfriend."

With that, the following designers all jumped up!

Everyone was whispering.

More people coax and say, "Vice President Lu, I don't have a boyfriend either."

"Don't rob me, neither do I!"

"And me, and me!"

When everyone argued, Lu Qiaoyu said again, "but I have someone I like. Didn't you ask me why I came to this company before? Because the girl I like is here. I'm chasing her! "

There was an uproar!

All the designers are looking around.

"Who is it?"

Someone asked.

"I think you'll find out soon." Lu Qiaoyu's eyes have been on me in this direction, "before I did not have the courage to express, missed an opportunity, but this time, I do not want to miss."

"Wow So romantic? "

In the speculation of envy and jealousy of the designers around, Shu Qing announced the end of the meeting and got off work.

As soon as she finished, all the designers stood up, seven or eight of them surrounded by Lu Qiaoyu.

I was afraid to be the target of public criticism, so I got up and left.

Back to the office, I hastily packed things, ready to leave.

As soon as I got to the door, I saw that Lu Qiaoyu had been blocked at the door. He said with an aggrieved face, "am I a monster?"

"No, I..."

Before I finished speaking, several designers gathered around me!

"Wow, vice president Lu, it's not Qin Jiaqi that you want to pursue!"

"My God, I should have guessed that she is the only one who has been recruited by the company recently."

"Envy, envy, hate."

Maybe it's because Lu Qiaoyu had been vaccinated. His colleagues just expressed envy and hatred, and they didn't have any aggressive behavior.

It made my heart relax.

Lu Qiaoyu understood me.

He accompanied me downstairs to the car, and then he said, "look, I'm so popular. If you don't hurry up, maybe I'll be robbed."

"Senior, I..."

"Well, I'm kidding. Don't be too burdened."

Lu Qiaoyu interrupted me, raised his hand and touched my hair.

But I still said, "senior, you are so kind to me and pay so much for me. I'm afraid I'll never know."

"I'm good to you. It's just my own business. It's none of your business." Lu Qiaoyu started the car and asked me, "think about what to eat?"

Lu Qiaoyu took me to dinner.

In the next few days, my colleagues knew that Ji Qingxuan came for me, and many people came to ask me about him.

Some colleagues even said to me, "Qin Jiaqi, if you don't agree with Vice President Lu, don't always catch him. Let's make it clear so that we can have a chance."

When colleagues said this, Lu Qiaoyu just passed by and came in and said, "I've been chasing her. She doesn't dislike me. That's good."

"Vice President Lu."

That colleague sees Lu Qiaoyu, frighten before arrogance immediately did not have.

He went out without saying another word.

Lu Qiaoyu watched him leave and then said, "I'm sorry, I'm not bothering you again."

"Like you said, you are very popular."

I shook my head.

Lu Qiaoyu is really popular, a young and promising design genius.

If I have never met Ji Qingxuan, if not that ridiculous marriage, then I will not hesitate to choose him.


Even though my attitude towards Lu Qiaoyu has always been very clear.

But he persevered every day to send me home, dinner with me at night.

This often makes me feel that life is no longer lonely.

It's like two people eating, even appetite will become better.

But one day, when I was out of the company, I saw a black car parked behind the woods not far from the company.

Although it was blocked by trees, the car was wide and the sign on the front of the car was too conspicuous.

I recognized at a glance that it was very similar to Ji Qingxuan's car.

The first time I thought it was a coincidence, maybe the same car just stopped there.

But the next week, I saw the car twice.

I realized that it was Ji Qingxuan's car.

Why did he park there? Is it a coincidence? Or is he looking at something?

One day, Lu Qiaoyu was on a business trip, and I was alone that day.

When I left the company, I saw the car parked there again. I went around to see the license plate number.But as soon as I got to the front of the car, I saw the door of the cab opposite the car open. Ji Qingxuan, wearing a black windbreaker, came down from above and came straight to me.

I feel scared for a moment and run!

Today, I'm wearing slope heel boots. They don't have high heels. They run very fast.

I don't know how long I ran.

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