In the afternoon, Jiang Qin went home and came back in the evening to pick me up.

As a result, she criticized me when she saw my clothes.

Then I personally selected a long woolen garment for me. I thought it should be matched with trousers, but Jiang Qin only let me wear boots and thick silk stockings.

You know, it's winter.

Although she said we didn't need to walk outside, I wore two layers of silk stockings.

After that, I had dinner with her.

After dinner, Jiang Qin took another taxi.

After getting on the bus, I heard Jiang Qin say to the driver, "master, go to the Queen's bar."

"It's very expensive, so don't go there."

As soon as I heard the name, I quickly stopped Jiang Qin.

I know this bar. It's one of the most expensive bars in Yancheng.

Previously, it was reported on the Internet that some rich second-generation people often linger here.

"Go, it's a treat. Don't be afraid."

Jiang Qin is tall. As soon as she raises her arm, she puts me in her arms.

In desperation, I can only promise.

The taxi soon arrived at the Queen's bar. As soon as I got off the bus, I was surprised to see these luxury cars parked on the roadside at the door of the bar.

The cars outside all start with a million, and there are many sports cars that are tens of millions at a glance.

This battle is no worse than the underground parking lot of Yancheng No.1.

Jiang Qin took me to the door. Someone came to chat me up immediately. Jiang Qin took me and went inside.

All the way in, Jiang Qin took me to a semi open card bag.

I took a look and there was already a person in the card bag.


I was surprised to see Lu Qiaoyu.