"Yes, I've had a drink. I feel so bad. People say that I can drink to relieve my worries, but I feel so bad after drinking."

I lie on the coffee table, holding the phone, talking.

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a while before he said, "if you don't tell me, it might be better."


In a daze, I began to talk on the phone about Ji Qingxuan and me

I don't know how long.

Later, I didn't know how to fall asleep.

It's night to wake up again.

I had a headache. I got up and made a bowl of instant noodles. I picked it up and wanted to see the time, but I found that my cell phone was dead and I couldn't turn it on.

I'm a little puzzled. I remember I was fine in the morning.

But I gave Ji Qingxuan a 120.

I charged my cell phone and ate instant noodles by myself. When I finished eating, my cell phone turned on.

I opened the call record and found that there was a number on it that didn't exist. I recognized it at a glance. It was the phone number of the person who funded my university!

I took a look at the call time

132 minutes.

"My God."

I'm scared. How could I talk to him for so long!

I tried to think about it, and finally remembered that I was crying with him.

I feel very sorry immediately.

In fact, I have never met the person who supports me. In my imagination, he is an elder and takes good care of me.

I'm always polite when I text him.

But I've been on the phone for such a long time

I'm really afraid of what I should not say.

Just in case, I sent him a message to apologize, saying that I had drunk too much during the day. If I said anything bad, I asked him to bear with me.

My heart was a little uneasy after the hair.

But I received his reply soon, [no, you are lovely today. 】


When he said this, I made up a 40-50-year-old elder by myself. To a younger generation, he said, "lovely."

I'm a little embarrassed, but I still said some apologies.

After that, I put down my cell phone and went to the bathroom to wash my face. When I went in, I saw Ji Qingxuan's mouth cup, electric toothbrush and mouthwash cup on the washing table.

My heart sour for a while, picked up these things and threw them into the garbage can.

After that, I saw his slippers.

Throw it away.

The pen he put here.

Throw it away.

I searched around the house and threw away all the things Ji Qingxuan had used before.

Sitting on the sofa, leaning, I saw a short hair on the leather of the sofa. Although I also have short hair, this one is shorter than mine.

It's Ji Qingxuan's.

I throw that hair away, the whole person like a demon, wearing rubber gloves, began to clean.

I took a touch of water, dropped a little 84 disinfectant in it, and began to wipe every corner of the room with a rag.

By the time I'm all busy, it's midnight.

I turned on the light to the top and looked in every room.

To make sure that there is no trace of Ji Qingxuan's existence, I am willing to give up.

When I finished everything and went back to bed, I found a wechat on my mobile phone, which was from Jiang Qin.

Since she was promoted, her work has been extremely busy, almost not in China, and she has less time to stay in Yancheng.

In wechat, she said that she will fly home tonight, and will arrive at noon tomorrow. Now she is on the plane, and we will have dinner together.

And then she paid a picture.

Because of the time difference, her side is still in the daytime.

I looked at my watch, it was more than 4 a.m., I gave Jiang Qin a message and went to bed.

The next morning, I was awakened by Jiang Qin's phone call.

When I picked up the phone, her first sentence was, "don't sleep at 4:00 in the middle of the night, are you Xiuxian?"

I used to sleep in a daze, but I was amused by her words.

"No, cleaning."

I'll go back to her.

"Cleaning? Where do you live now? Can you clean until 4 o'clock? "

Half asleep and half awake, I told her that I lived in Yancheng No.1.

As soon as the voice dropped, I heard a scream coming from the phone, "what?! Where do you live?! Have you made up with Ji Qingxuan? "

Her voice drove me away from my sleepiness.

I sat up and told her how the house came. Jiang Qin immediately said, "you send me the address. Wait for me. I'll put down my luggage and come right away."

I sent her the address, and I got up, washed my face and brushed my teeth.I had brunch again.

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