I dropped the things in my hand, went to the gate of the orphanage, took out the mobile phone that had just been repaired, hesitated again and again, or broadcast Ji Qingxuan's number.

When I got through, I only said three words, "I withdraw."

There was silence on the other side of the phone. A moment later, Ji Qingxuan's voice was heard. He said, "OK."

"But I have two conditions."

"He said

"First, it's not just that we can't design orphanages and Yufeng."


"Second, divorce me."

I already want to understand, even if I love Ji Qingxuan, Ji Qingxuan's heart only Qin Jiameng.

Then I should not have those unrealistic illusions.

Ji Qingxuan didn't love me at all. He loved Qin Jiameng from beginning to end.

Recognize the reality, I no longer entangled.

I thought Ji Qingxuan would agree, but the phone was silent.

It took a long time for the man to say, "the second one doesn't work."

I had some accidents, settled down, and said, "two conditions are indispensable. Up to now, Mr. Ji still considers whether to save his lover or continue to revenge and torture me."

"Even now, do you still think I'm torturing you?"

At the other end of the phone, Ji Qingxuan's voice is a little hoarse.

I lost my mind for a moment.

Yeah, how could he torture me without this?

It's true that I hold it in my hand.

But at this time, I am no longer confused. I drop my eyes and respond, "you don't love me, treat me well, and then threaten me when the person you love is in trouble, let me fall into the dream you set up, and tear it up with your own hands. This is torture."

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