At that time, I was very nervous. What I was most afraid of was that Qin CI forced me to withdraw the lawsuit.

Her kindness to me, if you speak, I will compromise.

After hearing this, Qin CI nodded, patted my hand and said, "Xiao Qi, I've wronged you."

I bowed my head and didn't speak, waiting for her to continue.

To my surprise, Qin CI didn't persuade me to withdraw the lawsuit. Instead, he said to me, "let it be. Xiaomeng is spoiled by us. This time she goes to Zhaomin, she has a good memory, but she will find someone to help her. She won't live so hard."

Of course I know that.

The prison cells are also divided into three, six and nine classes.

I'm the kind that nobody cares and Qin Jiameng asks someone to take care of me, so I'll live the worst with elder sister long.

Qin Jiameng goes in and naturally lives in a single room with TV and computer.

It's just a restriction of freedom.

I came out of Qin Ci's house, and my heart was a little relieved.

Although Ji Qingxuan would not give up like this before, I have secretly vowed that no matter what he threatened me with, I would not give in.

Ji Qingxuan came to me a week before the court session.

I had already hired a lawyer.

Moreover, the evidence in this case is solid, so it does not need lawyers to do too much. It is just a matter of judging what kind of crime the official decides, and more or less.

Ji Qingxuan stopped me at my door.

That day, I went to a construction site, and worked overtime in the company at night to make drawings, so I didn't go home until 11 o'clock.

But Ji Qingxuan waited until 11 o'clock.


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