After Zhou Yang left, I went to Ji Qingxuan's ward.

He lives in the super VIP ward of this hospital, which is more than 100 square meters.

When I went in, I saw Ji Qingxuan lying on the bed. Li Kai was reporting to him.

I'm just waiting outside.

After a while, Li Kai came out. When he saw me, his eyes were strange.

After I went in, I went to Ji Qingxuan's bedside, and a corner of the man's medical suit leaked out. I could see the white gauze, with a drop hanging on one side.

"I'm sorry."

I sat down.

"You're fine."

Ji Qingxuan's hand reached over and held my hand.

Although the wound did not hurt the internal organs, but also shed a lot of blood, the hospital said Ji Qingxuan need to be hospitalized for at least a week, after that can go home to rest.

This week, I asked for leave for the coffee shop and took care of Ji Qingxuan.

There are two reasons. One is that he was injured because of me.

Another reason is that this time I'm going to put Qin Jiameng in jail and go through all my manager's affairs.

At that time, I just hope Ji Qingxuan doesn't blame me.

Although he is very good to me, my heart is always a little uneasy.

Looking for time in the middle, I was in contact with the police Zhou Yang, who told me some progress. To my surprise, the phone call I heard that day was really from sister long's daughter.

She was born with a man before she went to prison. Although the father didn't want the child, elder sister long raised the child.

Because elder sister long wanted to take care of her children, she explained everything.

Elder sister long was imprisoned under the arrangement of Qin Jiameng. At that time, she was short of money to raise her children. So when Qin Jiameng found her, she promised to give her a deposit. Elder sister long agreed for her children.

Later this time, Qin Jiameng gave elder sister long a bigger temptation, that is, to wash her white identity, so that she can go to other places to start over.

This is a great temptation for elder sister Yu Long.