I'm in a state of collapse!


I shook my head and stepped back, but I was still grabbed by elder sister long's hair and pulled me close to the cage!

After that, close the door.

"Let me out!" I yelled.

Elder sister long looked at me, "let you out? Dream

After holding a little sister said, "go out to discuss, how to let her talk."


"No problem."

A few younger sisters flattered me.

I curled up in this cage, the whole person began to tremble, fear is more than the outside with his head covered.

I'm really afraid to do it all over again.

At this time, I close my eyes, as if I could see the time in prison.

I'm scared.

This fear is beyond my control.

I don't even think I'm sick.

Soon, they came in.

They tortured me by the same means as in prison, but they beat me more recklessly. I was curled up in a cage, held by them, lifted on the cage, and then let the wax drop.

I can only keep dodging, but still keep being burned.

Later, they are not happy, and then changed into a cigarette, and finally into a knife.

It's like that pirate game. No matter how I hide, I will be hurt.

I was worn out by the blade in many places, and my clothes were soaked with blood.

But they were afraid that I would die, and finally they stopped.

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