I'll take a breath of the air conditioner.

Someone bought my life.

Who is that man when I think of the things happened a while ago? It goes without saying.

It made me connect all of a sudden with what I had been in prison before.

Is everything Qin Jiameng did?

How can she have such great ability alone?

At this time, I calmed down and said to elder sister long, "you help me contact the person who is looking for you, and tell her that I put those photos on a cloud, and set the settings. If I don't log in 24 hours, those photos will be automatically sent to the major domestic Forums by the system, and they will be sent every hour."

"I don't care about your pictures!"

Elder sister long scolded.

As soon as the voice fell, she kicked me in the thigh!

Because I was tortured by her for a long time in prison, I learned to be good, and I yelled a pain.

Then he said, "elder sister long, you don't know, she knows, you go to tell her, and I promise that if I go out, I will give you extra money."

"How much?"

"Five million!"

I gritted my teeth and said the number!

"Five million? Go to your uncle. Isn't your house worth ten million? "

The lion opens her mouth.

It's a little too much for me.

When I hesitated, I heard someone laughing. Soon there was the sound of opening the door. From the direction of the sound, there were several women's laughter.

"Is this Qin Jiaqi?"