"What are you doing?"

I was so surprised that I wanted to pull out my feet, but the man's hand held it tightly and warned me, "don't move, lest I regret it later."

"No, my feet are cold."

I'm in such a dilemma.

I know how cold my feet are, so I put them in a man's warm clothes and directly touch his abdominal muscles. I'm very embarrassed.

Ji Qingxuan squinted at me, with a little warning on his face, "why didn't you say earlier, your hands and feet are so cold in winter."


I didn't say much.

But the next day, when Ji Qingxuan picked me up from work, he didn't take me to my home. Instead, he stopped at the downstairs of another building.

That building is the location of the building king.

"This is..."

I don't understand.

Ji Qingxuan took my hand and put it into his pocket. He said mysteriously, "come in and you'll know."

He took me in the elevator all the way to the top floor.

When the elevator opened, there was a wooden door with double doors in front of it, and a fingerprint lock beside it.

The first thing Ji Qingxuan did when he came in was to operate the program at the door, and then he pressed my finger on the fingerprint lock.

"Drop" sound, the man turned and looked at me, "after you are the hostess of this family."

He said, pushing the door open.

I went in and was stunned.

The house is very big. The French windows in front of it are curved. You can see at least 120 degrees outside the window.

At a glance, no house outside is higher than this one.