"What are you doing?"

I was so surprised that I wanted to pull out my feet, but the man's hand held it tightly and warned me, "don't move, lest I regret it later."

"No, my feet are cold."

I'm in such a dilemma.

I know how cold my feet are, so I put them in a man's warm clothes and directly touch his abdominal muscles. I'm very embarrassed.

Ji Qingxuan squinted at me, with a little warning on his face, "why didn't you say earlier, your hands and feet are so cold in winter."


I didn't say much.

But the next day, when Ji Qingxuan picked me up from work, he didn't take me to my home. Instead, he stopped at the downstairs of another building.

That building is the location of the building king.

"This is..."

I don't understand.

Ji Qingxuan took my hand and put it into his pocket. He said mysteriously, "come in and you'll know."

He took me in the elevator all the way to the top floor.

When the elevator opened, there was a wooden door with double doors in front of it, and a fingerprint lock beside it.

The first thing Ji Qingxuan did when he came in was to operate the program at the door, and then he pressed my finger on the fingerprint lock.

"Drop" sound, the man turned and looked at me, "after you are the hostess of this family."

He said, pushing the door open.

I went in and was stunned.

The house is very big. The French windows in front of it are curved. You can see at least 120 degrees outside the window.

At a glance, no house outside is higher than this one.

There is a feeling of small mountains at a glance.

"This is..."

I moved my eyes again and looked at the decoration of the room. The decoration inside is very simple, but it has a great style, and the colors match harmoniously.

"My house."

Ji Qingxuan answers behind him.

He said, after pulling me into the room, I took off my shoes, looking for slippers.

But he pulled me so fast that I had to keep up.

When I stepped on the floor in my socks, I found that the floor was warm.

"Floor heating?"

"Yes, I've remodeled it myself. Installing floor heating is just a proposal made by the designer for decoration. I didn't expect it would be useful now."

Ji Qingxuan said naturally.

I looked around. Ji Qingxuan had never told me before that he also had a house in this community.

Thinking of Qin Jiameng leaving from here that day

Does Qin Jiameng come here often?

I looked around and there didn't seem to be any sign of a woman here.

Ji Qingxuan seemed to understand me, leaned over and kissed my forehead, and said in a very gentle tone, "don't worry, you are the first woman to come here. I've let the servant put your things into the master bedroom."

I looked up at him.

Ji Qingxuan has been very kind to me these days.

It's too gentle, even makes me feel a little unreal.

I looked up at him and asked, "Why are you so nice to me?"

"Because you are my wife."

Ji Qingxuan's answer can be said to be the standard answer.

But I'd rather he said, "because I love you."

At that time, I thought that I was not far away from the answer, but later I learned that I was too naive.

After that day, Ji Qingxuan and I lived in his room.

Although the coffee shop work is very comfortable, but I didn't forget my original job, I have been submitting my resume, trying to find a job related to interior design.

Finally, on the first day of December, a company called me and told me to go for an interview the next day.

At that time, I was the first to tell Ji Qingxuan the news.

After hearing that, he just said, "congratulations."

The next morning I went to the interview, he sent me, in the afternoon I have to go back to the coffee shop to work.

We agreed that he would pick me up after work.

My interview went very smoothly. Although HR said that it would call me when there was a result, I could feel that HR was very satisfied with me. This job should be a must.

In the afternoon, I went to the coffee shop and saw that I was going to get off work. Another takeout came.

Because of the cold weather, the takeout began to snow. We were not willing to go. Thinking that we might have to leave, I took the initiative to ask for it.

Before leaving, I called Ji Qingxuan and told him that I was going to deliver the takeout and asked him to wait for me.

The takeout is delivered to an old community.

When I just arrived at the door of a target building with coffee, I suddenly felt that someone was covering my mouth with a handkerchief!

I was just about to shout, but I felt weak all over. As soon as I let go of my hand, I heard the sound of coffee falling on the ground, and then I lost consciousness.When I woke up again, my eyes were dark.

I took a breath and realized that I was hoodwinked and my hands and feet were tied.

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