Ji Zhaoming and I are just a couple of friends. No matter how rich he is, I can't give him 50 million in vain!

And I don't know what kind of person he is.

I don't know what will happen after I get the 50 million.

However, Ji Zhaoming didn't intend to take it back, and he seemed to see through my mind. "I have no intention to you, and I won't let you do anything for the money. It's just a small amount for me. As a neighbor, I'll give you a hand."


"No interest, pay it back slowly."

Ji Zhaoming added another sentence.

Of course, this money is the best.

After all, the bank mortgage has a time limit. If Lu Qiaoyu doesn't pay, my house will be taken over. Qin CI will certainly blame me.

However, I believe that with this money, Lu Qiaoyu will be able to revive the company.

After thousands of times in my heart, I finally decided to accept the money -


The elevator behind us rings.

I looked back and saw Ji Qingxuan, who had changed his suit, come down from the elevator.

The moment I saw him, I quickly drew back my outstretched hand. I felt like I was caught doing something wrong!

Ji Qingxuan looks up, obviously he sees my hand.

At the same time, I also saw the check that Ji Zhaoming had taken to the sky.