Ji Zhaoming and I are just a couple of friends. No matter how rich he is, I can't give him 50 million in vain!

And I don't know what kind of person he is.

I don't know what will happen after I get the 50 million.

However, Ji Zhaoming didn't intend to take it back, and he seemed to see through my mind. "I have no intention to you, and I won't let you do anything for the money. It's just a small amount for me. As a neighbor, I'll give you a hand."


"No interest, pay it back slowly."

Ji Zhaoming added another sentence.

Of course, this money is the best.

After all, the bank mortgage has a time limit. If Lu Qiaoyu doesn't pay, my house will be taken over. Qin CI will certainly blame me.

However, I believe that with this money, Lu Qiaoyu will be able to revive the company.

After thousands of times in my heart, I finally decided to accept the money -


The elevator behind us rings.

I looked back and saw Ji Qingxuan, who had changed his suit, come down from the elevator.

The moment I saw him, I quickly drew back my outstretched hand. I felt like I was caught doing something wrong!

Ji Qingxuan looks up, obviously he sees my hand.

At the same time, I also saw the check that Ji Zhaoming had taken to the sky.

Ji Qingxuan took a look at Ji Zhaoming. His face sank immediately. He came to me and stopped me. He said, "uncle, what can I do for my wife?"

I could hear the displeasure in his voice.

Ji Zhaoming hooked his lips. "It's OK. I heard that my niece's daughter-in-law has some financial difficulties, so I plan to help her."

"Help her? My wife is short of money and I'll give it to her Ji Qingxuan looked down at the number on the check, "and this money, I'm afraid it's not a small amount for my uncle's small company. You'd better take it back, so that your company won't go bankrupt because of this money."

Although I did not speak, but also smell the smell of gunpowder in the air.

I want to go, but Ji Qingxuan's arm controls me. It's hard for me to move.

However, Ji Qingxuan's words make me feel bad.

It's humiliating Ji Zhaoming.

I look at Ji Zhaoming, a pair of eyes under the thin glass mirror, with a faint smile.

It seemed that he was not stimulated by this at all. He said with a smile, "I'm just casting a brick to attract jade. Since you see it, I'm not an outsider."

Then he put away the check, turned and went back to the room.

Ji Qingxuan calm face, will I pull home, but did not let go of my hand.

He walked all the way to the sofa, sat down by himself, pressed me on his lap, imprisoned me in his arms, and looked at me with black eyes, "how did you know him? Why didn't you tell me that he lived next door to you? "

"I didn't know him, but he lived next door to me."

"Nonsense, you haven't even seen him before! He didn't come to our wedding, either! "

Ji Qingxuan mercilessly exposed me.

I had to tell the truth.

And Ji Zhaoming and I have nothing to hide.

Ji Qingxuan heard that, his face slightly eased, but still did not forget to warn me, "stay away from him."

"Why? Isn't he your uncle? "

I don't understand.

But Ji Qingxuan did not answer me, but continued to imprison me, lowered his head and asked me, "do you need money?"

This meeting, his tone eased a lot.

It's no longer as high as it was just now. On the contrary, it's like coaxing a child.

I nodded helplessly and told Ji Qingxuan why Ji Zhaoming would give me money.

The man listened, but sighed and asked me, "I'm in your heart, so untrustworthy."

"Yes." I dropped my eyes, "if one day you send Qin Jiameng to prison, I think you can trust him."

I know, it's impossible.

The expression on Ji Qingxuan's face also told me that.

He asked me, "how much do you want? Don't say 50 million, 100 million, I can give it to you. "

"I want 50 million. I'll give it to Lu Qiaoyu. I believe he can return it to you soon." I answered.

Ji Qingxuan nodded, "OK, I'll give it to him for you. You can rest assured that the money will arrive in three days."

"Thank you." I twisted and asked, "may I come out?"

I didn't expect Ji Qingxuan not only didn't let me go, but also imprisoned me more tightly. A side body pressed me on the sofa, deep eyes looking at me.

I saw thousands of feelings in it.

He looked at me for a long time, then said, "no, Qin Jiaqi, yesterday you ignored me, I was very angry."Say, will kiss down.

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