"But senior, he's in danger now!" I don't have a dream at all. Ji Qingxuan is in no mood now.

I want to get rid of him and go after Lu Qiaoyu.

However, Ji Qingxuan's wrist tightly around my waist, the next second, I heard the man's voice, word by word into my ears, "I'm jealous."

At that moment, I was stunned.

"Mr. Ji, what are you talking about?"

"I said, I'm jealous." Ji Qingxuan repeated again, "you are my wife. When I don't allow me to be here, you only look at other men in your eyes. I am nothing."

If it's another time, Ji Qingxuan is jealous, I may be moved.

But it will, I won't.

I tried my best to push him away, looked up at him with a funny expression and said, "Mr. Ji, why do you think the senior's company has become like this? Is he incompetent? He's the one who can't? None of them

I looked at Ji Qingxuan and said, "this is because Qin Jiameng, your beloved woman, used Chen Hui to frame me. She didn't even dare to kill me. Then she asked Chen Hui's wife to come to Yufeng to make trouble. She wanted me to go back to prison again. Later, she failed. The owner of the house where Chen Hui died asked the senior to pay for it!

She did all this

I complain to Ji Qingxuan.

The more you talk, the more angry you get.

Without waiting for the man to speak, I continued, "you go to love her, to love this snake hearted Qin Jiameng, don't disgust me again!"

Seeing Lu Qiaoyu like this, I really hate Ji Qingxuan and Qin Jiameng.

Hate why they involve innocent people!

I chase to the hospital, Ji Qingxuan did not chase in.

I went in and found the doctor. After asking, I found out that Lu Qiaoyu had been drinking a lot for a long time and had a perforated stomach.

Fortunately, it was delivered in time. It was already under operation. Otherwise, God would not be able to save it.

After hearing this, my heart fell down. If Lu Qiaoyu had any problems, I really would not forgive myself.

I sat at the door waiting for a long time.

Lu Qiaoyu finally came out of the operating room and transferred to the ward. I was afraid that he would wake up without any one to take care of him.

At 9 a.m., Lu Qiaoyu woke up.

I didn't wake him up. His cell phone woke him up.

As soon as the mobile phone rings, Lu Qiaoyu wakes up like chicken blood, but I can only get the phone for him.

He was very excited after receiving the call and said, "Mr. Zhu, you told me to drink yesterday. I drank it and now I'm still lying in the hospital. You can't keep your word!"

Later, I vaguely heard Mr. Zhu on the phone saying that what he said after drinking doesn't count.

I'm angry for him!

Lu Qiaoyu urged him. At last, Mr. Zhu hung up.

I looked at Lu Qiaoyu lying on the bed, eyes looking at the ceiling, confused, strong spirit, in the past pinch his face, "don't worry, I have a way."

"Xuemei, I don't need to..."

"Don't be polite to me, just think of it as my investment!" I said with a smile, "20 million is not, 10 million is still available."

He looked at me. "Where did you get so much money? Don't force it. If you want to borrow it from Ji Qingxuan, forget it... "

"Of course not, have you forgotten? Anyway, I'm the second miss of the Qin family. More importantly, I have a grandmother who loves me very much. "

I try to laugh easily.

Although Lu Qiaoyu didn't want to, I said that if he moved before he recovered, I would never talk to him again.

I know that Lu Qiaoyu cares about me.

He agreed.

Shengxin hospital has a special escort. I asked Lu Qiaoyu to accompany me and left.

I can't ask Qin CI for money. The only way is to mortgage my house to borrow money.

I came out of the hospital and saw the door. Ji Qingxuan's car was still parked at the same place yesterday.

I was stunned.

Seeing me coming out, Ji Qingxuan got out of the car and waved to me.

I saw him wearing trousers and shirt. This is the suit he came down yesterday.


I can't believe my guess, but the heavy fatigue in men's eyes makes me unable to deceive myself.

"You were here last night?"

I asked him.

Ji Qingxuan raised the cold thin lips and said with a smile, "yes, my wife is here. Where am I going?"

His words made me realize that yesterday I said too much?

But every word I say is true.

"Ji Mr. Ji, go ahead and get busy. I'll go home first. " I hesitated for a moment, or decided to continue to call him general Ji.

Because I can't afford to offend Qin Jiameng.

I don't want people around me to get hurt again.

"I'll see you off." Ji Qingxuan holds me, his big palm is no longer as powerful as yesterday.I looked at his red eyes and finally compromised.

Ji Qingxuan finished seeing me off. Because the company had something to do, he left.

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