It's just one night. How can it be so different?

This seems to confirm my guess yesterday!

Someone is instructing Chen Hui's wife how to say and do.

I also looked at Chen Hui's wife and asked her, "there are so many people in our company, most of them are women. How can you recognize me as Qin Jiaqi so accurately?"

When I asked, Chen Hui's wife was flustered. She looked at the ground with her eyes and stopped for a long time before she said, "you, you look like a bad person! It's not who you can be! "

I looked at the police who came with her and asked with a smile, "Comrade police, this man is so powerful that you can see who is the bad guy at a glance. Do you want to consider special recruitment?"

"What do you mean?" Chen Hui's wife was in a hurry. She stood up and pointed at me and said, "it's you who hurt my husband! My husband is in good health. If someone didn't do something, how could he die? "

As soon as the police saw it, Chen Hui's wife pointed at me and scolded me. It seemed that something happened for a while.

Persuasion, "these are two things, no evidence before, do not go together."

As soon as Chen Hui heard that the police were not facing her, he pointed to the police and complained, "the police help the rich and bully us poor. Right? "

As soon as she roared, two twins sleeping on one side cried out with a whoa!

"I'm talking about the matter."

The police are also scared.

Things didn't hold me down. Instead, they got me involved.

My colleagues around me looked at me with unfriendly eyes, and everyone whispered.

Some people said, "well, let's get rid of Qin Jiaqi."

"Fired? Can the life of expelling my husband come back? " Chen Hui pointed to the person who spoke and scolded, "it's not your family who died. Of course you don't know the pain!"

The colleague was afraid to speak again.

In order not to disturb everyone's work, Lu Qiaoyu plans to invite Chen Hui to the office.