It's just one night. How can it be so different?

This seems to confirm my guess yesterday!

Someone is instructing Chen Hui's wife how to say and do.

I also looked at Chen Hui's wife and asked her, "there are so many people in our company, most of them are women. How can you recognize me as Qin Jiaqi so accurately?"

When I asked, Chen Hui's wife was flustered. She looked at the ground with her eyes and stopped for a long time before she said, "you, you look like a bad person! It's not who you can be! "

I looked at the police who came with her and asked with a smile, "Comrade police, this man is so powerful that you can see who is the bad guy at a glance. Do you want to consider special recruitment?"

"What do you mean?" Chen Hui's wife was in a hurry. She stood up and pointed at me and said, "it's you who hurt my husband! My husband is in good health. If someone didn't do something, how could he die? "

As soon as the police saw it, Chen Hui's wife pointed at me and scolded me. It seemed that something happened for a while.

Persuasion, "these are two things, no evidence before, do not go together."

As soon as Chen Hui heard that the police were not facing her, he pointed to the police and complained, "the police help the rich and bully us poor. Right? "

As soon as she roared, two twins sleeping on one side cried out with a whoa!

"I'm talking about the matter."

The police are also scared.

Things didn't hold me down. Instead, they got me involved.

My colleagues around me looked at me with unfriendly eyes, and everyone whispered.

Some people said, "well, let's get rid of Qin Jiaqi."

"Fired? Can the life of expelling my husband come back? " Chen Hui pointed to the person who spoke and scolded, "it's not your family who died. Of course you don't know the pain!"

The colleague was afraid to speak again.

In order not to disturb everyone's work, Lu Qiaoyu plans to invite Chen Hui to the office.

But she's making a lot of noise here.

So it went on for three days.

On the third day, Chen Hui's wife took a test sheet of Chen Hui's previous hospital stomach examination, saying that Yufeng designed to squeeze employees, and her husband got sick only when he couldn't eat on time.

Generally, the amount of compensation for such matters is only two or three hundred thousand, up to a maximum of five hundred thousand.

Lu Qiaoyu, perhaps because of my involvement, kindly offered Chen Hui's wife a million yuan compensation.

But Chen Hui's wife not only disagrees.

On the fifth day, she didn't know what method was used.

When we went there in the morning, we found that she had brought Chen Hui's body to the door of the office building!

Before that, Lu Qiaoyu and I had already bought birthday clothes for Chen Hui and made up for the undertaker.

This will be the body lying in the door, anyone as long as a look, it's scared!

I looked at it from a distance. When Chen Hui's wife saw me, she jumped on me like crazy and scolded, "Qin Jiaqi, it's you, it's you who make use of my husband to make him feel that he owes the company. Only in this way can he work hard and die!"

There are a lot of people watching, but most of them dare not get close.

Chen Hui's wife pounced on me, and everyone was watching with a sense of humor.

"This matter, including the original project, has nothing to do with me."

I'll explain it to her.

But she didn't listen and cried and scolded me.

Then she cried and asked everyone to ask for an explanation for her.

No one dares to move forward. Chen Hui's wife is acting like she is crazy.

Before long, the police came and invited her upstairs.

I want her to take the body back to the funeral home and cremate it.

But Chen Hui's wife just doesn't want to.

Before, she asked for five million, but today, when she threatened the corpse, she asked for another one.

I'm going to jail!

It is more and more obvious who is behind Chen Hui's wife.

Yufeng design is a rental office building. Once this incident broke out, the person in charge of the office building was unwilling to go to the company and said that if the matter was not solved within three days, Yufeng design would have to move away!

After all, a corpse was lying at the door, and no one wanted to.

All the things are piled up together. It's not as easy as my resignation, and I can't go to jail for something that doesn't happen.

At noon, I thought of Chen Hui's daughter downstairs, looking at Chen Hui's body and twins.

I'm afraid they're hungry.

I ordered takeout and went downstairs with a thermos and a cup.

In fact, in recent days, I found that Chen Hui, the eldest daughter, hardly said a word, but kept her head down.

I think maybe I can learn something from her.

When I handed the food and the thermos to Chen Hui's daughter, she gobbled it up without saying anything.

Choking in the middle, I poured her water again.

She had almost eaten, and a small voice said, "thank you.""What's your name? How old are you

I took things, sat beside her and looked at Chen Hui's body.

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