He put down his coffee cup and walked out quickly. I followed him. "What happened?"

Lu Qiaoyu looked at me and seemed to be hesitant. After a while, he said, "it's OK. You're busy."

I had a bad feeling in my heart.

Today's work is not particularly important. I'm good at asserting and went downstairs with him.

Lu Qiaoyu's mind was on the phone. He didn't notice that I was following him. When he was driving, I rushed over and got into the co pilot's seat.

When he saw me, his face sank. "You go back to work."

"You tell me what happened."

I asked him.

At first, Lu Qiaoyu didn't want to say, but it was so urgent that he had to start the car.

I was told on the way that the worker who replaced the glue in the previous project of the studio was found dead in the construction site.

And it was last night that he died. Today, the body was found!

As soon as I heard it, I felt vaguely that it was not an accident.

When Lu Qiaoyu and I arrived at the scene, the police had arrived and the workers' bodies were still there.

This time, I learned that this man was Chen Hui.

I watched him lying on the ground, thinking of a while ago in the police station, he said in tears how difficult his life is.

There are still three children in the family. His father just passed away. What can the family do?

After collecting evidence at the scene, the police took the body to the forensic.

After a series of examinations, it was basically confirmed that Chen Hui died suddenly.

Because no one in his family was here, Lu Qiaoyu and I helped to send the body to the funeral home the same day, bought coffins and shroud, and asked the undertaker to help make up the body.

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