I look at him, really don't know what medicine Ji Qingxuan gourd sells.

But I naively thought that he would leave after dinner.

So I cooked and called him to eat.

The dining table in this room is round. Ji Qingxuan sat down, patted the chair beside him and said, "sit here."


I hesitated and sat down.

At this point, my mind is to make him satisfied, and then wait for him to leave.

I sat by and watched Ji Qingxuan eat there.

A bowl.

Two bowls.

When he asked me to help him with the third bowl, I kindly asked, "do you have so much dinner now?"

Ji Qingxuan did not answer.

I didn't ask again, so I had to give him another bowl.

When dinner came, he said that he wanted to borrow my tablet computer to work, but I didn't dare to refuse. After lending it to him, I went to my room alone and texted Jiang Qin with my mobile phone.

Tell her all about Ji Qingxuan's abnormality today.

Jiang Qin only answered one sentence. 】

I: [impossible. 】

later, Jiang Qin always said to me, "men are cheap and don't cherish when they have them. When you don't care for them, they will catch up. 】

she talked about this theory for more than an hour.

When I looked at my watch again, it was already 11 o'clock. I went to the living room to ask Ji Qingxuan when to leave, but I saw the man sitting on the sofa, although he was holding a tablet.

But the posture is a little strange.

I went over and asked him, "don't you go back so late?"

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