"Go ahead." Ji Qingxuan said.

"I'm going to work in Yufeng design, and you promise me that you can never do anything more to Yufeng design."

I want to protect Lu Qiaoyu's company.

"Well, I promise you." Ji Qingxuan nodded.

I'm not sure, "Mr. Ji, I hope you can keep your word. Don't go back to the same way as last time. You promised, but you did Yufeng design secretly."

Ji Qingxuan looked at me with a gloomy face. "I didn't break my promise. After that, I didn't do anything to Yu Feng."

"If so, Mr. Ji knows."

Now, I can't believe Ji Qingxuan.

But I had to believe him.

The next day, I went back to Yufeng design.

Lu Qiaoyu welcomed me, but others didn't like me.

When I came out of Lu Qiaoyu's office and went back to my desk, a dead mouse was lying there.

The table was stained with blood.

If it had been before, I would have tolerated it, but now I decide to make progress and help Lu Qiaoyu instead of dragging him down.

I looked at the dead mouse, holding its tail, and forced myself to throw it into the garbage can.

Then he clapped his hands up and down and said, "you all know that I've been in prison, don't you know why I'm in prison?"

This meeting, although the colleagues around the office ignored me.

But I know they're all listening.

I said word for word, "attempted murder."

When I said these four words, I saw that all my colleagues in my area stopped at work.

And someone took a sip of coffee.