"Go ahead." Ji Qingxuan said.

"I'm going to work in Yufeng design, and you promise me that you can never do anything more to Yufeng design."

I want to protect Lu Qiaoyu's company.

"Well, I promise you." Ji Qingxuan nodded.

I'm not sure, "Mr. Ji, I hope you can keep your word. Don't go back to the same way as last time. You promised, but you did Yufeng design secretly."

Ji Qingxuan looked at me with a gloomy face. "I didn't break my promise. After that, I didn't do anything to Yu Feng."

"If so, Mr. Ji knows."

Now, I can't believe Ji Qingxuan.

But I had to believe him.

The next day, I went back to Yufeng design.

Lu Qiaoyu welcomed me, but others didn't like me.

When I came out of Lu Qiaoyu's office and went back to my desk, a dead mouse was lying there.

The table was stained with blood.

If it had been before, I would have tolerated it, but now I decide to make progress and help Lu Qiaoyu instead of dragging him down.

I looked at the dead mouse, holding its tail, and forced myself to throw it into the garbage can.

Then he clapped his hands up and down and said, "you all know that I've been in prison, don't you know why I'm in prison?"

This meeting, although the colleagues around the office ignored me.

But I know they're all listening.

I said word for word, "attempted murder."

When I said these four words, I saw that all my colleagues in my area stopped at work.

And someone took a sip of coffee.

There was a depressing silence in the office.

I went on, "of course, there's a reason for that. Now I'm out, and I'll get along with you."

Then he sat down.

That day, it was really peaceful.

Nothing happened before, but all my colleagues looked at me and kept away.

Because of the last thing, I completely offended angel, but now I'm almost in line with the society, and now most of the company's single houses are ordinary houses.

I'm basically competent.

I'll be a designer again.

I met several clients in the afternoon, and they all communicated with each other smoothly. I succeeded in winning two clients.

Thinking of starting to measure and make renderings at the construction site tomorrow, this evening is the last leisure time, I contacted Jiang Qin and wanted to return the money to her face to face.

It happened that she was in Yancheng.

We made an appointment to meet at the hot pot shop near the company at 6:30.

In the evening, I did my work well. As soon as I got out of the office building, I saw Ji Qingxuan standing at the door, and his car was not far away.

When he saw me, he went up to me and asked, "what would you like to eat after work?"

His behavior is very natural, as if we are a loving couple.

He waited for me to get off work and then went to dinner with me.

People who work in a building all around seem to cast envious or envious eyes.

But what's behind the good news? I'm clear.

I'm not blessed.

I stood up straight and said to Ji Qingxuan, "Mr. Ji, you need not worry about me. Since I have promised you that I will not pursue this matter again, I will certainly not turn back."

Finish saying, still don't forget to show a polite smile.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, his face was a little black, and he lowered his voice, "do you think I'm here to pick you up for dinner, just for this?"

"What else? Does Ji always miss me? "

I tilted my head and looked at him with a funny expression.

"No way."

Ji Qingxuan's retort is almost blurted out, just like being poked in the heart of the retort.

If it was someone else, I would think he really missed me.

It's just him.

No way.

I looked at my watch, and it was already 6:10, "Mr. Ji, I asked Jiang Qin to have dinner, so I left first."

I finish saying, want to go, but didn't expect Ji Qingxuan unexpectedly follow me to say, "I send you."

"Mr. Ji, it's in front of us. No more."

I again and again, again and again refuse, it seems that finally angered Ji Qingxuan.

As I walked on, I heard him behind me saying, "then you'll never need me again."

His words sounded like anger to me.

However, I still did not look back, I know that I do not need a husband who does not love me.

"Xuemei." After a few steps, Lu Qiaoyu came up and said, "where are you going? I'll see you off. "

"I'll have dinner with Jiang Qin. I can walk."In the same way, I will tell Lu Qiaoyu.

Lu Qiaoyu didn't seem to mind. He said with a smile, "is that right? I'm just going that way to buy a cup of coffee. Let's go together. "

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