I don't know how long it took.

The car finally stopped.

The trunk was opened, Ji Qingxuan stood outside, looking at me inside, obviously stunned.

Then the brows wrinkled deeply.

"Let me out, let me out."

My body kept shaking, as if out of control.

However, I was afraid that he would close the trunk again and try to get up and climb out.

Once out, the whole person fell to the ground.

It hurts, but it's better than being in there.

I know myself now, as long as Ji Qingxuan doesn't agree, I can't run at all.

I grabbed his trouser legs and said, "let me go. I promise I won't show up in front of you. I'll help you."

Maybe the air outside is clear.

Although I speak slowly, it's not hard.

Ji Qingxuan looked down at me, hesitated for a moment, then suddenly bent over and picked me up!

"Put me down!" At this time, I noticed that the car was parked in front of the villa.

In spite of my resistance, he held me inside.

Go upstairs.

All the way to the bedroom, and then I was still in bed, the whole person was crushed down.

One hand stuck in my neck and looked down at me, "as Mrs. Ji, where do you want to escape?"

"I Cough, cough. "

His neck is too tight. I want to talk. Before I say it, I cough violently.

"Is it?" Ji Qingxuan's eyebrows are slightly picked. Although her face is expressionless, her cold eyes are dark, as if brewing a storm.

With a cold hum, he held my crotch tightly with his legs. As soon as he raised his hand, he tore off my T-shirt!


I know what he's going to do.

But I don't want to!

At this time, I just eased over, the strength is not enough to resist!

I resisted for a while, knowing that it was a fearless resistance, and finally could only lie flat.

Let men do whatever they want.

However, the storm on me suddenly stopped. Ji Qingxuan stood up, looked at me like a dead fish, and said in a sullen voice, "Qin Jiaqi, do you want to be Mrs. Ji?"

What he said made me laugh.

I looked at him with a ridiculous smile. "Have you ever seen such a miserable rich lady like me? My husband didn't even say a word after being calculated? "

I said, sitting up from bed, taking off the nearly torn T-shirt, and then taking off my pants.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me and didn't seem to know what I was going to do.

I will be more than half of the body exposed, and then, raised his arm, the armpit floor to show him, "you see, I'm here."

Then he showed him the base of his thigh, "and this."

These two invisible places are full of scars. It is obvious that there are new wounds on the old wounds.

I look at Ji Qingxuan not to talk, sneer, "how? Don't speak? Do you dare not admit what you have done? "

"What is this?" Ji Qingxuan stopped for a while and asked me.

"You asked me? It's not that you've entrusted the prison to look after them! " I roared, "in prison, if you fight or the prisoner is injured, you will be punished. So you tell the people who take care of me to beat me in these two places!"

"I want to tell the C.O. if they find out, they'll put me in a dog cage!"

"I was forced to bark like a dog and walk me with a rope. If I didn't follow, I continued to hurt me. I hurt! I can't help it

"But I was born not to cry, not to cry, not to cry, and I suffered a lot in it!"

I half kneel, to Ji Qingxuan accused me of all things in prison.

Hysteria, like catharsis!

Ji Qingxuan listened and said nothing.

Finally, I softened my voice, "do you see that? As you wish, I have been very miserable! Would you please let me go? I'll be punished even if I'm guilty! "

Ji Qingxuan looks at me with complicated eyes.

Then he asked me, "the child you said that day?"

"And you ask the child? On my first day in prison, you asked someone to kill my child!? At that time, I was more than four months old. I didn't want to escape. I just wanted to give birth to my child safely. Why didn't you even give me this opportunity? "

"Do you know? All the sufferings and pains I suffered in the prison behind me are less than the ten thousandth of what I was escorted by your people and my children were crushed alive by them with pliers! "

I grabbed Ji Qingxuan and told him word by word, "I will never forgive you in my life, and Qin Jiameng!"

Tears, along the corner of the eye, out of control!

That's my first child. It's gone.Ji Qingxuan sat in the corner of the bed, silent, looking at my hysterical voice.

But he won't leave, obviously, and he won't let me.

I don't know how long I cried, but later I was tired and fell asleep.

Vaguely, I felt warm all over. I heard someone say in my ear, "if I say, everything has nothing to do with me..."

After that, I fell asleep and didn't hear what people were saying.

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