Qin Jiameng quickly followed me, tugged at my wrist and grinned, "Qin Jiaqi, do you think you can really hold Mrs. Ji?"

"Well?" I turned to look at her.

Because I haven't seen any monsters in prison. I just think it's ridiculous to see her at this level.

"You don't think Ji Qingxuan gives you face, just like you, just want you to go on, I tell you, don't dream!"

Qin Jiameng deliberately lowered her voice.

I looked at her and blinked, "Qin Jiameng, I hope you can make it clear that now I don't want to be Mrs. Ji, but Ji Qingxuan wants me to be. If you can let him rest me, I'll thank you very much."

"You don't pretend! I'll get you out of Mrs. Ji's position soon

I am not rare, but angered Qin Jiameng!

That night, after the dinner, Ji Qingxuan sent a driver because everyone drank wine to varying degrees.

Angel is just like being pulled to the bone. Although Lu Qiaoyu tries hard to keep a distance from her, she still leans on Lu Qiaoyu.

In order not to give Lu Qiaoyu any trouble, I asked him to send Angel back. I said I could take a taxi back.

When I stood at the door of the restaurant and was ready to get into a taxi, I heard Ji Qingxuan saying, "Qin Jiaqi, I'm here. Do you dare to take another man's car?"

I looked down at the taxi driver and said, "Mr. Ji, this is a female driver."

"Not even that!"

Ji Qingxuan said, come and hold me in my arms!

I glanced at Qin Jiameng. Her face was black and purple. She seemed to want to strangle me.

But that night, I still took Ji Qingxuan's car, Qin Jiameng also sat in that car.

He sent me home and wanted to get off, but Qin Jiameng stopped me.

Finally, I went back to the villa by myself.

I had a good sleep.

The next day, before I entered the company, I was stopped by angel and asked, "Qin Jiaqi, are you very happy to step on two boats?"

I know. She's talking about yesterday.

Because Ji Qingxuan came to the company before, the relationship between me and him was no longer a secret, so I didn't explain it too much yesterday.

"Sister an, this is my business." I'm very polite to angel.

Because I really admire her ability, and I understand why she is angry.

If I stood in her position, I would be angry.

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