Although I have decided to do my best to make this project successful.

But I still promised Lu Qiaoyu that I would arrange a good time and have a good rest.

The next morning, I got up at 5 o'clock and arrived at the construction site before 6 o'clock.

Before the workers arrived, they checked all the materials and checked the construction inside and outside.

The whole project lasted two and a half months.

I haven't had a rest for two and a half months.

In summer, there was no air conditioner or fan in the studio. I spent it every day and almost got heatstroke several times. Huoxiang Zhengqi water became a necessity in my bag.

Finally, it's the day of delivery.

On that day, Ji Qingxuan, Qin Jiameng, angel, I, Lu Qiaoyu, and people from the engineering department were all there.

Check and accept the whole project a little bit.

Finally, all qualified.

My heart is all down.

However, before leaving, Qin Jiameng took angel and said, "everyone has worked hard for my studio these days. Let's have a meal together." She said, looking at Lu Qiaoyu and me, "Lu and Jiaqi, you also come. Qingxuan and I have already made a reservation."

"I won't go. Have a good time."

I was the first to refuse.

This is the hole Qin Jiameng dug for me. If I go with Lu Qiaoyu, it will definitely hinder Ji Qingxuan's eyes.

The project has come to an end, so we can't make any more mistakes.

I said that and turned to leave.

Qin Jiameng ran over, took me and said, "no, Jiaqi, this project belongs to you. I've heard that you are here almost all the time except sleeping. You can't help it."

"Qin Jiameng, I do my best, not for you, but for Yufeng. What's more, you are so close to my husband here, don't you think it's inappropriate?"

I understand, good words, only Qin Jiameng will continue to act on the nose on the face.

It's better to tear your face.

Anyway, after this project, there may not be any more cooperation.

Qin Jiameng's identity was embarrassing, but after I broke it, it became even more embarrassing, explaining, "Jiaqi, I didn't mean that..."

"If not, don't pester me."

"Go ahead." Ji Qingxuan looked at me. On Junyi's face, his expression was a little complicated. Finally, he added, "I'll send you back later."

Originally, I was determined not to go.

But what I didn't expect was that Ji Qingxuan actually opened his mouth, and to some extent, he solved the siege for Qin Jiameng.

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