Maybe because I still have the title of Mrs. Ji, her words make my heart sour.

Even if I don't want to admit it, the truth is right in front of me.

This piece of land is not far from the center of Yancheng, and the Qingtian group building of Ji Qingxuan.

The value is immeasurable.

Since Ji Qingxuan is willing to spend for her, it shows that Qin Jiameng is very important in his heart.

I look at Qin Jiameng, sneer, "my husband can be really happy, the two sisters all accept, especially sister you, do mistress, but do with relish."

"You Qin Jiameng began to get angry, but soon calmed down, "don't be proud, you have a criminal record woman, I see how Ji family can tolerate you!"

"No room for me? My husband has covered up the matter of imprisonment for me. Grandfather Ji only knows that I am going abroad for further study. "

What I said made Qin Jiameng pale.

Obviously, she didn't know that.

I said this on purpose today, just to let her make trouble and expose my imprisonment.

In this way, I can also get rid of my abnormal marriage with Ji Qingxuan.

The night Qin Jiameng left, I received a call from Ji Qingxuan.

"Why tell Qin Jiameng what I told my grandfather!"

As soon as the phone was answered, I heard Ji Qingxuan's roar.

Now, his mood has completely not affected me.

I took the phone away a little, "Mr. Ji, don't you think that you are torturing yourself as well as me?"

"you really look up to yourself."

Ji Qingxuan disdains the cold hum from the phone.

I continued, "yes, because we have a husband and wife relationship. You take me as your own thing. Even if you think I make you sick, you still torture me and the people around me. It's just because you can't accept that your wife is such a person.

So please let me go and marry Qin Jiameng. Ji and I are not the same class. I promise you will never see me again. "

I said very slowly. First, I hope Ji Qingxuan can figure it out and let me go.

And let him go.

What's more, I hope he can hold high his hand in this project.

Don't give up on Yufeng design, which is already on the verge of collapse.

On the other side of the phone, there was a moment of silence.

In my hope, but heard Ji Qingxuan said, "I can't be so cheap you!"

The next second, the phone hangs up.

I look at the black screen of my mobile phone, helpless and worried.

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