After a while, a red Aston Martin sports car stopped at the door of the studio.

A beautiful woman got out of the car.

Qin Jiameng!

I was stunned, looking at the clothing studio behind me.

When I suddenly think of Qin Jiameng saying that his dream is to have his own clothing brand

Suddenly realized that Li Kai's boss should be her!

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Before I opened my mouth, angel had already stepped forward and said hello to Qin Jiameng.

But I felt uneasy.

Seeing me, Qin Jiameng raised her hand and said with a smile, "Jiaqi, long time no see."

She is smart in her eyes. I know that this will not be an ordinary project. If she does something, it is likely that she will go into the design pit of Yufeng, which is already crumbling!

I stepped forward and asked her, "Qin Jiameng, what do you want to do?"

Seeing me like this, angel immediately pulled me away and scolded, "Qin Jiaqi, I want to ask what you want to do! We're finally taking on such a big project. Do you want to make trouble again? "