The office was quiet for a long time.

I just heard Lu Qiaoyu say, "if you really think so, I respect your decision, but..." He hesitated and continued, "if one day, you can't disguise any more, you believe that I can really survive from Ji Qingxuan, protect my company, and protect you. You remember to come back."

His words made me feel guilty.

I can't remember how I left that office that day.

But as soon as I got back to the villa, I changed all my clothes for my cheap skirt.

That's who I am.

For the next month, I didn't know how I lived.

We can't even find a target that can't survive.

Lu Qiaoyu calls me occasionally, but if I don't answer, he sends a message.

I didn't return.

Until one day, I got a call from angel.