Here comes Qin Jiameng.

I stood at the door, heard the bodyguard and her entanglement, finally personally came forward, opened the door.

When Qin Jiameng saw that I was standing in the door, she was almost stunned!

For a long time, he just froze and said, "Jiaqi, it's you."

"What's the matter? Qin Jiameng I deliberately called her full name.

Qin Jiameng couldn't hold her mouth, but she still asked me with a smile, "Why are you here? Is Qingxuan embarrassed you again? "

I looked at her hypocritical face, in addition to nausea, more is anger!

My child's death, she and Ji Qingxuan, one can not run!

Obviously, she didn't know I was here.

I said with a smile, "no, I'm fine with him. I went to see my grandfather tonight."

In a word, even though it's late, I can see that Qin Jiameng's face is pale. She didn't believe it, but I'm still wearing my evening dress and high heels.

With the beautiful make-up on my face, my skin looks white and red, giving her a good illusion of my life.

I'm afraid that's what Qin Jiameng can't tolerate!

"You! Qin Jiaqi! What have you done? " Qin Jia's teeth are itching. It's like stretching out her hand and pinching my neck!

As soon as the bodyguard reached out, he held her outside.

I stepped back and sneered, "now you know why my husband will prepare these bodyguards for me."

I deliberately bit the word bodyguard very hard.

Qin Jiameng pointed to the two bodyguards and scolded, "aren't you the dog beside Ji Qingxuan! You didn't stop her, you stopped me?! You know who I am

The bodyguard did not speak and did his duty.

Seeing Qin Jiameng like this, I suddenly feel ridiculous and continue to say, "do you think that if you put me in prison at the cost of a child and half a life, Ji Qingxuan will hate me to death, and I will disappear from his life?"

"What a pity!"

I shook my head.

Slam the door.

Outside the door, Qin Jiameng makes a lot of noise. I don't care about her any more.

When I came back, there were already several short messages from Lu Qiaoyu on my mobile phone.

Where are you, Xuemei? I was worried about you. 】

[am I putting too much pressure on you recently? You tell me, I'll adjust. 】

[please call me back when you see it. 】

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