Here comes Qin Jiameng.

I stood at the door, heard the bodyguard and her entanglement, finally personally came forward, opened the door.

When Qin Jiameng saw that I was standing in the door, she was almost stunned!

For a long time, he just froze and said, "Jiaqi, it's you."

"What's the matter? Qin Jiameng I deliberately called her full name.

Qin Jiameng couldn't hold her mouth, but she still asked me with a smile, "Why are you here? Is Qingxuan embarrassed you again? "

I looked at her hypocritical face, in addition to nausea, more is anger!

My child's death, she and Ji Qingxuan, one can not run!

Obviously, she didn't know I was here.

I said with a smile, "no, I'm fine with him. I went to see my grandfather tonight."