In the afternoon, Ji Qingxuan took me to a Gao Ding studio, chose a small dress, and matched me with a short Cape.

I put on my make-up and made my hair there.

When everything is well done, I look at myself in the mirror and think about my future life.

It's just dark.

Sad, ridiculous.

In the evening, I continued to play with Ji Qingxuan in Ji Yanhai's home.

Show a loving couple.

At the banquet, Ji Yanhai repeatedly urged us to give him a big fat grandson.

I answered with a false smile.

But I know it's absolutely impossible.

When we came out of Ji's house and I got on the bus, the speed of my little cloak was hanging on the buckle of Ji Qingxuan's belt.

Because the dress inside me was low cut, I didn't take off the cloak all night.

But the tassel is hanging. If I bend over to solve it, the posture is too ambiguous.

Helpless, I can only take off my cloak. After all, I can't let Ji Qingxuan untie his belt.

As I went to remove the tassels, I said, "right away."

Although I say so, it seems that the more urgent I am, the tighter it is.

But the cloak is so expensive that I dare not break it.

When I was sweating, I saw the man press the belt button with his big palm. With the sound of "Bata", the belt was loose.

He pulled the whole belt off.

When I thought he was helping me, the man threw his cloak and belt aside.

I just noticed that the men's pants had been there for a long time.

He did not ask me, directly dragged me to the front, looked at me condescending, "don't you just want to seduce me? Why so much trouble? "

"I didn't!" I want to sit back on the seat, but by the man dead press in place, order, "eat."

At first I didn't know what it meant.

The man held my head directly.

I resisted, but his big palm was too powerful to allow me to break free!

But I still keep my mouth shut.

Ji Qingxuan looked down at me and sneered, "disobedient? Then I can only call to buy... "

Before he finished speaking, I understood his meaning in an instant.

Open mouth, directly interrupted his words, as well as the action of holding the mobile phone.

After about half an hour, he finally let it out.

I was about to throw up when the man grabbed my chin and said, "swallow."

He pressed my chin so hard that I couldn't spit it out. I had to swallow it.

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