In the afternoon, Ji Qingxuan took me to a Gao Ding studio, chose a small dress, and matched me with a short Cape.

I put on my make-up and made my hair there.

When everything is well done, I look at myself in the mirror and think about my future life.

It's just dark.

Sad, ridiculous.

In the evening, I continued to play with Ji Qingxuan in Ji Yanhai's home.

Show a loving couple.

At the banquet, Ji Yanhai repeatedly urged us to give him a big fat grandson.

I answered with a false smile.

But I know it's absolutely impossible.

When we came out of Ji's house and I got on the bus, the speed of my little cloak was hanging on the buckle of Ji Qingxuan's belt.

Because the dress inside me was low cut, I didn't take off the cloak all night.