I just walked two steps, I heard Ji Qingxuan say behind, "don't go." Then he said to the person in charge, "go and change the design company."


I didn't expect Ji Qingxuan to say that all of a sudden.

I don't know what made him change his mind, but I'm sure it's all about me.

He hated me, so he was angry with the project.

Ji Qingxuan stood up and took out a cigarette box and a cigarette from the inside pocket of his suit.


After taking a breath, he said slowly, "a company, before employing an employee, does not investigate whether the employee conceals his criminal record, so I have enough reasons to doubt the professionalism of the company."

"I didn't hide it!"

Sure enough, it's for me.

"That's even more unprofessional. A woman who intentionally hurt others, killed another woman and child, and women who have been in prison also use..."

Ji Qingxuan's words did not finish, the people in the scene a sigh.

As soon as the person in charge heard that I was such a person, he immediately said, "Mr. Ji, I'm going to contact the people of Yufeng design."

Yufeng design is Lu Qiaoyu's company.

"No way!" I step in front of the person in charge.

Although hate, although not reconciled, but, I still said, "I quit! May I resign? "

I know what Ji Qingxuan wants is that I can't get along.

I want to be on the street.

Now that I have a job, he must be very disappointed.

I can't implicate Lu Qiaoyu because of myself.

Ji Qingxuan looks at me and doesn't talk.

I stood there, picked up the phone, called Lu Qiaoyu, and quickly said, "Mr. Lu, I want you to resign now."

With that, I hung up without waiting for Lu Qiaoyu to ask.

Then he put it into his pocket and bowed to Ji Qingxuan, "Mr. Ji, I have resigned from Yufeng design. Now I have nothing to do with this company or this project. Please don't retaliate against irrelevant people because you hate me."

With that, I turned and left.

My cell phone is shaking in my pocket.

I know it's Lu Qiaoyu, but I dare not answer it.

That night, instead of going back to the apartment provided by Lu Qiaoyu, I went to the citizen park.

I found a couch by the lake to lie down.

Early spring, the weather is very cold, I curled up, cold wind blowing my cheek, let me not only can't sleep, but more sober.

The child was induced to labor by birth.

He was bullied in prison, kept in a dog cage, ate dog food and barked like a dog. He was beaten if he didn't obey.

In winter, the bedclothes were watered with cold water, but they were asked to sleep on them.

There's a lot more.

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