I just walked two steps, I heard Ji Qingxuan say behind, "don't go." Then he said to the person in charge, "go and change the design company."


I didn't expect Ji Qingxuan to say that all of a sudden.

I don't know what made him change his mind, but I'm sure it's all about me.

He hated me, so he was angry with the project.

Ji Qingxuan stood up and took out a cigarette box and a cigarette from the inside pocket of his suit.


After taking a breath, he said slowly, "a company, before employing an employee, does not investigate whether the employee conceals his criminal record, so I have enough reasons to doubt the professionalism of the company."

"I didn't hide it!"

Sure enough, it's for me.

"That's even more unprofessional. A woman who intentionally hurt others, killed another woman and child, and women who have been in prison also use..."