"Yes." The man did not hesitate to answer, and finally added with a cold tone, "you took medicine last time, you don't want to have a wild seed to explain to my grandfather."

I raised the corner of my lip and said with a dismal smile, "contraceptives are not 100% successful."

My question, let Ji Qingxuan seem nervous, his eyes fell on my stomach, forced to ask, "are you pregnant?"

"Guess what." I looked at him with a flat expression and couldn't see any answer.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, did not answer, but could not see any joy on his face.

Perhaps too much hope to let the child have a father, but I still reluctantly asked him, "do you want me to be pregnant?"

He remained silent.

If you don't admit it, isn't it denial?

I hide the loss of heart, pretend a relaxed smile, "no, cheat you, no matter how stupid I am, I will not have a child with a man who doesn't love me."

At this time, the car also arrived at the door of Jiang Qin's house.

I quickly opened the door and got ready to get off, but I heard the man say to me, "as long as you are safe, I promise you will always be Mrs. Ji, as for our children Wait a little longer. "

Just a word, let me confused!

Is this a compromise?


Think of Ji Qingxuan to me before the cold relative and sarcastic, this has begun to change.

For a time, it even made me feel that as long as we continue, maybe one day our relationship will be better.

But there are some things that I'm naive.

The next day, on the weekend, I worked overtime in the company to make renderings, and Lu Qiaoyu came over.

He explained to me that he had been away on business recently, so he was not in the company.

I came back today and wanted to accompany him to buy some clothes.

He has helped me a lot both in the company and in my life these days. I have no reason to shirk.

We went to a department store near the company and went straight to the men's wear area.

It has to be said that Lu Qiaoyu's figure is really good. He can go into any store and change any clothes, but he will buy whatever I say.

Later, I couldn't stand it, so I just shut up and let him decide for himself.

Even so, he also bought seven or eight pieces of clothes and two suits, and then gave them all to the service staff of the shopping mall to deliver them to his home sometime.

We took the escalator down the stairs. When we were on the third floor, we just saw the baby supplies area. I couldn't help stopping.

Lu Qiaoyu misunderstood me and said, "wait for me."

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