"My husband's, of course." With a faint smile, I asked her, "what about you? Whose is it? Are you still alive this time? "

I know about the fact that Qin Jiameng university had two foetuses.

At that time, she did not dare to let others accompany her. She could only call me.

Qin Jiameng was shocked by me, "Qin Jiaqi, you bitch! I won't let you give birth to the baby! "

She said, with the test sheet angrily left.

After all, Qin Jiameng has never been a kind person. If her child is lost, and mine is left behind.

Then she may not be able to straighten it.

I began to struggle, whether to tell Ji Qingxuan about my pregnancy.

As a result, I put it down because I was busy.

One weekend two weeks later, Ji Yanhai asked me to go home with Ji Qingxuan.

When I saw Ji Qingxuan in the car, I was in a trance.

Well, we haven't seen each other for nearly a month.

The four seasons of Yancheng are very obvious. As soon as September comes, the weather turns cooler. I'm wearing a loose shirt to cover my pregnant belly.

Ji Yanhai saw that I was wearing loose clothes, and immediately he was overjoyed, "what's this? Is my little grandson here already? "

I laughed, "grandfather, how can we be so fast? If we have, we will tell you for the first time."

But Ji Yanhai was reluctant and said like an old child, "is this boy too busy to pay attention to you? If so, you tell me, I'll take care of him! "

I immediately shook my head, put my hand around the man's arm, "no, Qingxuan is very good to me, very concerned about me, is the child this thing, or to see fate, you say?"

"Yes, yes." Ji Yanhai thought what I said was reasonable, so he didn't ask again.

Now I have learned to play in front of Ji Yanhai.

I turned to see a Ji Qing Xuan, the man is also looking at me, the expression is a little complicated.

I did well in the whole dinner, and I didn't arouse Ji Yanhai's suspicion.

Wait out, Ji Qingxuan said first, "your acting is getting better and better now."

His voice is a little cold, and now I have already found out his thoughts, and I will not be sentimental any more.

I stood by the car and said without any emotion, "thank you, Mr. Ji. I'll go first."

I won't insult myself any more.

Just about to leave, the arm was pulled by the man.

I turned to him and asked, "is there anything else for Mr. Ji?"

I know in my heart that it is not a matter of one day to put down a person who has loved for 12 years.

However, I try to make myself more alienated.

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