"My husband's, of course." With a faint smile, I asked her, "what about you? Whose is it? Are you still alive this time? "

I know about the fact that Qin Jiameng university had two foetuses.

At that time, she did not dare to let others accompany her. She could only call me.

Qin Jiameng was shocked by me, "Qin Jiaqi, you bitch! I won't let you give birth to the baby! "

She said, with the test sheet angrily left.

After all, Qin Jiameng has never been a kind person. If her child is lost, and mine is left behind.

Then she may not be able to straighten it.

I began to struggle, whether to tell Ji Qingxuan about my pregnancy.

As a result, I put it down because I was busy.

One weekend two weeks later, Ji Yanhai asked me to go home with Ji Qingxuan.