When he came to me, my heart suddenly became a little nervous. After all, I was sent back by Lu Qiaoyu for two days in a row. It's very difficult to explain this matter only.

Ji Qingxuan came over, put his hand directly on my shoulder, and drew me into his range.

Lu Qiaoyu looked at me and Ji Qingxuan. He seemed to understand something. He said with a gentle smile, "you're welcome. I'll go first."

As soon as Lu Qiaoyu left, Ji Qingxuan pulled me to the basement and directly lifted my dress.

"What are you doing?"

I'm scared and struggling!

"Fuck you." The man didn't stop the action in his hand. He tore my stockings rudely and came in directly!


I cried in pain, but I remembered that this was the basement, in case someone would come home and hear our voice