When he came to me, my heart suddenly became a little nervous. After all, I was sent back by Lu Qiaoyu for two days in a row. It's very difficult to explain this matter only.

Ji Qingxuan came over, put his hand directly on my shoulder, and drew me into his range.

Lu Qiaoyu looked at me and Ji Qingxuan. He seemed to understand something. He said with a gentle smile, "you're welcome. I'll go first."

As soon as Lu Qiaoyu left, Ji Qingxuan pulled me to the basement and directly lifted my dress.

"What are you doing?"

I'm scared and struggling!

"Fuck you." The man didn't stop the action in his hand. He tore my stockings rudely and came in directly!


I cried in pain, but I remembered that this was the basement, in case someone would come home and hear our voice

I beg for mercy, "no, don't be here..."

"Not here? Do you want to go to bed with me when you are so cheap Ji Qingxuan picked me up from my leg and bit me at the joint of my neck and shoulder. "Tell me, have you ever done it with him?"

I was sweating all over. When I was bitten by him, it was very painful.

But I was worried about the baby in my stomach. I didn't dare to struggle any more, so I had to cooperate with him.

After he vented, he tidied up his trousers and said, "Qin Jiaqi, since you are Mrs. Ji, you can only have me as a man. I advise you to be more peaceful."

After Ji Qingxuan left, I had a rest on the ground for a long time, and sent a text message to Lu Qiaoyu to apologize, then went upstairs.

When she went up, Jiang Qin was packing. She told me that she was going to train abroad for three months and would leave soon.

She patted my stomach and joked, "when I come back, will you become a big belly woman?"

I gave a wry smile.

I secretly decided that I would leave Yancheng when I was a little more pregnant.

A week after Jiang Qin left, I didn't see Lu Qiaoyu. I'm not sure if he was angry.

This week, because of overtime and severe pregnancy vomiting, I was so weak that I had to go to the hospital for nutrition injection.

After playing, I decided to have a check-up to ensure my child's health.

When I finished a series of tests, I went back to the office and asked the doctor to see the results.

As soon as I got in, I heard the pregnant woman in front of me ask the doctor, "doctor, how is my child?"

"My advice is to stay in bed and protect the fetus." The doctor replied.

I stood at the back and looked at my results, but I didn't pay attention. When the pregnant woman in front of me got up, our eyes were opposite

"Qin Jiaqi?"

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