My words make Qin Jiameng look a little embarrassed, but Ji Qingxuan doesn't pay any attention to me at all.

He put his arms around the woman's waist and leaned over to kiss her, "dear, I'll go back to hurt you at night."

Two people's gentle interaction, I stood aside, like a redundant person.

The swearing of sovereignty has undoubtedly become a great irony.

Finally, Ji Qingxuan sent off Qin Jiameng and went into Ji's house with me.

We changed our shoes and went in. The servant took us to the main hall.

I'm walking. I just feel my right hand warm.

Bow, Ji Qingxuan's big palm will warm my hand in the palm, expression indifferent, as if nothing happened.

My heart is beating hard.

When we got to the main hall, Ji Yanhai, Ji Qingxuan's grandfather, was already waiting for us.

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