As hope rose in my heart, Qin CI said, "I asked her to come."

Her voice was slow, and her purpose could not be recognized.

Can I steal a glance at Qin Zhaomin, his forehead seems to have a layer of sweat.

Four of us entered the room. Qin CI took me to a double sofa. Qin Zhaomin and Fan Yu sat opposite. Aunt Chen began to pour tea for us.

Qin CI took my hand and said, "ah Qiu has told me all about the wedding."

This meeting, Qin Zhaomin's sweat immediately came down, got up, pointed to Aunt Qiu and scolded, "you eat inside and outside things, are you bribed by Qin Jiaqi?"

While saying, pick up the quilt on the table, directly hit aunt Qiu's body!

Aunt Qiu couldn't dodge. She was smashed with hot tea. The cup fell to the ground and smashed!

"Enough!" Qin CI exclaimed solemnly and said to Aunt Qiu, "ah Qiu, you go in and change your clothes. You don't have to finish if I don't call you."

Although Qin CI always has the impression of being kind-hearted, she is the head of the Qin family, and her words naturally have weight.

As soon as she said it, Qin Zhaomin immediately sat back, holding his hand tightly, trying to explain something.

Qin CI asked me, "Xiao Qi, I heard ah Qiu say that you were with Ji Qingxuan on the wedding night, right?"

I nodded, not sure, why Qin CI asked in these.

Later, Qin CI said, "ah Qiu said that after that day, although things were clear, Xiao Meng hasn't moved to live with Ji Qingxuan yet."

After hearing this, Fan Yu immediately stood up and explained, "that's because Mr. Ji said he was sorry for Mengmeng, so he wanted to choose a good land for her, build the best house in her heart, and let her live in it."

My heart, inexplicably sour.

Ji Qingxuan is very attentive to Qin Jiameng.

How can such feelings be easily stirred up by my words?

However, when I thought that Qin CI came here today just to find justice for me, she said, "OK, you're the first one to make a mistake. Xiao Qi has spent the night with Ji Qingxuan. Girls, let Xiao Qi get married in the future."

I've heard this, and it took me five seconds to understand it.

Fan Yu and Qin Zhaomin were the same. In my reaction, fan Yucai stood up and said in a sharp voice, "no way! It's not going to work! How can she marry Ji Qingxuan! "

I was also surprised, "grandma This... "

At this time, my mood is very complex, in fact, I have no hope for Ji Qingxuan.

"The Ji family can't agree." Qin Zhaomin now calms down and moves the Ji family out.

His words also sobered me up.

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