When I woke up again, I was in a single room in a ward. There was only a woman in her fifties in the room. I recognized her as Aunt Chen, the servant of grandma Qin Ci's family.

"Aunt Chen..." I gave a weak cry.

Aunt Chen looked back and saw that I woke up. She came over nervously and said, "lie down and wait for me to call the doctor."

Then he rushed out of the ward.

I looked at the ward, with the decoration degree of the ward, it should be Shengxin hospital.

But why is it here? Why is it Qin Ci's servant who looks after me?

I was full of doubts and had no place to ask.

Soon, Aunt Chen came in with the doctor. The doctor checked me, but I was overworked and hypoglycemic. I just need to go back to supplement my nutrition.

I thank the doctor, wait for the doctor to go out, I asked Aunt Chen what happened.

Aunt Chen told me about the situation. After I fainted, Ji Qingxuan sent me to the hospital, reported my identity and left. As soon as the hospital heard that it was the Qin family, it accepted me.