When I was a child, Ji Qingxuan couldn't rescue because he didn't have money. But I had to go to the hospital with 120.

When I got to the hospital, I helped Qin Jiameng pay for the medicine, and I was just about to leave.

To the door, but was stopped by a policeman, he stood behind, is the third floor of the couple.

The hostess pointed at me and said firmly, "it's her. She pushed the girl down."

The policeman nodded and said to me in a formulaic voice, "Hello, please come with us."

I don't want to, but I know that even if I don't go to the police station today, I will go tomorrow.

The couple on the third floor went with me. On the way, the hostess said to the police, "I heard them quarrel. They quarreled fiercely. Then I heard someone calling for help. Then the girl rolled down."

Jiang Qin lives on the fourth floor. When I lived in the past, she said to me that the hostess on the third floor is a business mother. She likes to look for her on weekdays.

As soon as I heard her say this, I immediately explained to the police, "I didn't quarrel with her!"

When the hostess saw me coming out, she gave me a white look. "You said no noise, no noise? Do you still want to say that people are not pushed by you? "

"I didn't push it."

The hostess sneered, "murderers, all say they are not murderers."

"I didn't push it." I want to emphasize again.

Although I know that all the conditions are against me, no one will believe me.

When I got to the police station, I finished the record, and the police contacted the Qin family. Originally, I thought that Qin Zhaomin and Fan Yu had to lock me up as they were doing now.

But unexpectedly, they let the police let me go.

I came out from the police station, I was so hungry that I almost fainted. I found a noodle shop to have a meal. As soon as I had two bites, I received a call from Ji Qingxuan.

I know that Ji Qingxuan must say something about Qin Jiameng, and I firmly believe that in his heart, he has determined that I did it.

The phone rang for a long time before I picked it up.

Without waiting for him to speak, I said first, "Mr. Ji, Qin Jiameng rolled down by himself, not pushed by me."

I finish saying, the telephone there is a burst of silence unexpectedly, for a long time, just hear Ji Qingxuan's sneer, "do you think I will believe you?"


I already have the answer in my heart.

Without waiting for me to explain, Ji Qingxuan said, "I just want to tell you, Qin Jiaqi, if there is anything wrong with Xiaomeng, it's not just you, I'll tear down the orphanage you stayed in!"

With that, hang up the phone.

I'll take a breath.

Ji Qingxuan is really a powerful businessman. He knows how to handle the enemy's weakness.

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