"Is Ji always playing with me?" I took the agreement in front of me in my hand and stood up without any sign of weakness, pointing to the clause.

Finish saying, throw agreement to Ji Qingxuan body, turn round to leave.

I dare not turn my head back.

I'm afraid that if I walk a second late, I will not be able to pretend. I will show my embarrassment in front of him.

I quickly walked all the way to the gate of the community, looking at the luxurious gate of the community behind me, thinking about my naive ideas before, it's really sad and ridiculous.

Ji Qingxuan, the general manager of Qingtian group, how can you sleep a woman and have feelings?

Even if I have the same face as the one he loves.


I live in Jiang Qin's house and start my life again.

When I graduated from University, I studied interior design. When I was a senior, I had a good internship in a company. After graduation, I had already become a regular member, because the Qin family said that the Ji family was everyone and did not want my daughter-in-law to appear in public.

I quit my job foolishly.

Now it's time to start over.

Fortunately, after the leader of the internship company knew my situation, he immediately agreed to let me go back to work.

Wages and benefits remain unchanged.

In the field of indoor work, we often have to go to the construction site. It's common to work overtime, and we don't know what the weekend is.

One day a week later, I worked overtime until 11 o'clock, thinking that there was a bag of instant noodles at home, and I would go to bed after cooking and eating.

Jiang Qin's family is an old house. The light in the corridor has been broken for a long time. When I went upstairs, I saw the light of a mobile phone in front of my house. My first reaction was that Jiang Qin didn't come back with the key.

I can't help joking, "sister Jiang, I've lived with you for half a month, and you forgot your key for the first time. I'm also very surprised."

As soon as I finished, I realized that the height seemed wrong.

Before looking carefully, the man put his cell phone in his pocket and said, "Qin Jiaqi, you bitch, what did you say to Qingxuan?"

I just reflected that it was Qin Jiameng.

"Say what?" I was so hungry that I couldn't remember what I had said.

"Do you mean I have a bad personal life? I was told that he was looking into my past! " As she spoke, she went downstairs and walked in front of me.

This reminds me that I was drunk that day and told Ji Qingxuan what I know about Qin Jiameng.

Originally, Ji Qingxuan doesn't believe my words on the surface, but he is really checking her on the back.

Knowing this, my mood became better. "What does this have to do with me? After all, the Ji family has a great career. What's wrong with checking the wife of the heir? "

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