In the morning, I was awakened by the pain of tearing my lower body. Everything last night was like a nightmare in my mind

My first time, my wedding night, was treated like an enemy by Ji Qingxuan.

Broke all my previous fantasies.

The bed by my side is already cool.

A little cinnabar blood on the snow-white sheet is particularly dazzling.

I got up and went to the bathroom, took a painful bath, changed my clothes and changed the sheets.

When I went out, I stood at the stairway on the second floor and saw Ji Qingxuan sitting at the rectangular dining table, reading newspapers and eating breakfast.

In the morning, the golden sun shines on the man's side through the window, which is warm and holy.

In the 12 years of loving him secretly, I married him and lived under the same roof with him for breakfast. It was something I didn't dare to expect, but it was also something I dreamed about.

Now it's true, but I dare not move forward.

He invaded like a wild animal last night, reminding me all the time that I never knew this man.

"Miss Qin, you are awake."

As I watched Ji Qingxuan, the servant had already seen me and said hello to me politely downstairs.

She didn't call me Madam as she did yesterday.

It's Miss Qin.

My heart trembled slightly. Although I was dissatisfied, I didn't dare to question my identity. I just hid my fear last night and went downstairs to sit opposite Ji Qingxuan.

The servant brought me the meal. I had no appetite. I just took two mouthfuls symbolically.

Looking up, I found that Ji Qingxuan was the same as me, and the meal in front of him hardly moved.

I don't know whether I want to adjust the atmosphere or to improve the marriage I don't know if I can continue. I say in a gentle voice, "sorry, I got up late today. I'll get up early tomorrow to make breakfast for you."

In my body, if anything can be regarded as a specialty, it must be cooking.

Finish saying, I originally sharp still have some expectations, Ji Qingxuan but throw away the tableware on the hand, get up, the expression is still indifferent, "go, the car is waiting outside."

"Where to?" I look at the man seems to be some unhappy look, some panic.

I'm afraid I've said the wrong thing.

I've never been an introvert.

In front of Ji Qingxuan, even breathing, seems to be humble to the soil.

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