Every woman expects to marry the man she loves.

Me too.

Today, I am married to a man who has loved me for 12 years, only in the name of my sister Qin Jiameng

Although my sister and I have the same face, I was sent to the orphanage because of the negligence of the hospital.

It was not until three years ago that I returned to the Qin family.

I'm a wild girl. I don't fit in with the big Qin family. But because I didn't have any parents since I was a child, I'm careful everywhere. I hope to integrate into this family and get the favor of my parents.

So the day before yesterday, when my parents and sister begged me to marry Ji Qingxuan for her, I agreed without thinking about it.

First, I love Ji Qingxuan. Second, for the first time, I feel needed by my family. I don't want to disappoint them.

It's 12 o'clock in the morning now. Ji Qingxuan left in a hurry after the wedding ceremony. He didn't even explain to me.

Looking at the hand of the diamond ring, my heart can not say the bitter.

The sound of car engine flameout came from downstairs. Ji Qingxuan came back. I went to the mirror, cleaned my hair in a hurry, and walked out of the bedroom nervously.

Go downstairs.

Take out the slippers from the shoe cabinet and wait at the door.

Seeing Ji Qingxuan enter, I raised a happy smile that a wife should have, put my slippers at the man's feet, and cried, "husband, you come back "

, I didn't finish talking, and I could smell the smell of wine floating in the air, which was full of rich perfume.

I can't help but have a sour nose.

Where did he go that night?

The answer is self-evident.

However, I know my task. I married for my sister. My relationship with Ji Qingxuan is related to the cooperation between the Qin family and Ji family.

Think of this, although my heart is full of loss, or try to smile.

Regardless of the man's disregard, still followed her upstairs, yelled, "husband."

Lift an eye, see a man to have already taken off shirt however, strong muscle is in bedroom ambiguous lamplight, appear particularly sexy.

My face turned red to the root of my ears. I turned around and felt a strong arm coming from behind me just as I wanted to apologize.

When I had no time to react, I was already swung up. When I reacted again, the whole person was still in bed.

Although the bed is soft, but I fell too high, back pain.

I see Ji Qingxuan standing by the bed, looking down at me, the man's angular face is against the moonlight, although I can't see his expression, I can feel the deep chill.

The next second, the man suddenly asked me, "what's your name?"

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