Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 190 A Slander

Emma disappeared on the day Grandpa George went abroad. Mason looked for her everywhere. And he nearly called the police. Finally, Emma turned up. It seemed that nothing happened.

Mason asked hurriedly, “Emma! Where were you going? I’m so worried!”

“I just went for a walk.”

“Emma?” Mason was a bit shocked since she answered him in a normal way!

Mason screamed out, “Are you normal now?”

‘She recovers so quickly since she left the mental hospital? Now she seems to get much better.’ Mason thought. It happened so suddenly that he couldn’t believe it.

But it was true that Emma looked normal.

Emma was smiling at him, “Dad. What’s the matter? Why are you so shocked? It’s good that I’m getting better, isn’t it?”


Mason thought there may be something wrong. He felt puzzled and strange, but he couldn’t tell it. “Emma, tell me the truth. You pretended to be insane at the very beginning, didn’t you?”

Emma’s face darkened, “Dad! How can you accuse me like that? The truth is, I walked out from the darkness and felt much better. It’s good news, isn’t it? Why do you doubt me?”

“It’s not what I meant.”

“Then why do you think I am telling lies?” Emma looked at him with desperation. “Yes, I did tell lies before. But I never lie to you! And I can’t believe that you will doubt me one day!”

“Emma…” He couldn’t continue his sentence.

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