Presiden's wild wife

Chapter 184 Kent’s Identity

Elena touched her nose unnaturally, lying, “Well, we are just on our way…we are not really here.”

Sophia didn’t think too much and led them in. Zach waited in the study for a while but she didn’t come back. So he came out to have a look.

“Elena? Why are you here?” Then he saw Logan beside her. He grinned, “Why are you here? Are you here for paying me?”

Logan didn’t answer, but asked, “How about the investigation?”

“Well…good…I think.” He felt a little guilty.

Logan was looking at him. Zach promised that he would get all he wanted in three days. Now time was already up. It seemed that Zach would break his words again.

Zach tried to explain, “You can’t blame me. Don’t you remember you gave me an extra task? It took time!”

After all, he did something to help get the bid. Or, Kent would get it instead!

Elena raised her brows, “When did you contact Logan?”

“Don’t you know it?” Zach was yelling, trying to take the credit, “Let me tell you. Without my help, Logan wouldn’t get the bid!”

Sophia couldn’t bear his pride like that. She rolled her eyes to show disapproval, “Don’t flatter yourself. Look at my idol! He is fabulous! Perhaps you are a drag on him!”

Zach was mad at her. She was always talking about her idol. She didn’t think of him even a little!

Looking at Zach’s darkened face, she felt better, “Am I wrong? So now you feel guilty about flattering yourself, right?”

will get into trouble if you keep talking like this.”

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her, like she was the savior for her. Then she started to complain, “Elena, if I knew that I had to do so much hard labor for him, I would have never

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that you will overthink, so I made you busy doing your work. Don’t you know it’s

a housekeeper, because he could clean his house up by himself. He was always neat! But in order to keep her, he changed himself. He threw

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explain. To some extent, he did do it

her sadly, “Well, it’s not

him. Then she pulled Elena to the other side and continued her complaining. She told every detail about what Zach had done to her these days. The more she talked, the more depressed she became. She

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inspire her. Sophia was so excited, “You

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cunningly. She understood Elena and said, “Take


Logan called her. He was sitting next to Zach on the couch. It seemed that they had something important to discuss. So she shook her head and

Logan frowned, “Come on.”

was confused, “What do you want

“Sit down please.”

She was a little surprised. She always left the privacy

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didn’t tell her before since he didn’t want her to worry. This time, she was

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