Presiden's wild wife

Chapter103 Are we good?

“Charlie!” Elena got more worried and stopped him, “You’re so drunk right now. Calm down!”

“I’m not drunk at all!” Charlie shouted at her with his eyes turning red. “You know nothing...”

Shit! Elena got annoyed by him. He was such a trouble right now. And Sophia still didn’t show up, making her increasingly worried. She couldn’t wait like this any longer.

She immediately called Sophia, but the phone was hung up quickly once connected. She had such a bad feeling. Did something go wrong?

“Wake up! I think Sophia is in trouble now!” She shook Charlie, but he was still talking nonsense.

Elena saw the lemonade on the counter, and poured it onto Charlie’s face without hesitation.

Feeling that icy water, he finally woke up a bit, looking around in a puzzle. Elena was relieved, “Finally! Come on! Let’s go find Sophia together!”

“Elena? Why are you here? What’s going on?” asked Charlie. He was having a bad headache and rubbed his temples right now.

“No time to explain. We need to go. Now!”

Before they finished talking, they heard someone shouting in a familiar voice, “Hey! Elena, I’m here!”

Elena squeezed through on the dance floor where people were dancing along the loud music, then she finally escaped with Sophia and Charlie.

Elena took a deep breath as if she came alive.

now? Why did you hang

Elena worried, “Sorry, Elena. I was shooting, so I hung up

turned to Charlie, “What about you, Charlie? What’s wrong with

be cool, “Just came here

felt so scared just remembering Charlie was threatening that guy with a broken bottle. “Can’t you just

remember what happened in that

Elena got

was shocked since it was the first time that she

sorry, Elena. I shouldn’t have taken

“I don’t know what happened to you recently, and it’s not my duty to care about you. But as your colleague, I suggest you calm down and solve your

lips and didn’t know what to say. He knew he was

had a sore throat. So he just sat

calmed down and felt a little guilty somehow, “Alright, we are good now. Are

“OK.” Sophia nodded.

was going to say he was fine, too. But then he found himself

taxi. After that, they both were worn out.

Charlie left, Sophia apologized

too angry just now. I felt

nodded, “I understand how you are feeling. I also get irritated

wanted to deny, but she was having her period as Sophia said. So she just smiled

night, once Charlie was completely sober, he called

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