Presiden's wild wife

Chapter101 A priceless kiss

Looking at the pretty woman in his arms, Logan smiled, “More than you are.”

His voice was as bewitching as the cello. Elena heard him and just wanted to get closer to him, closer and closer until she was finally his, only his. She thought she was so in love with him, too.

“What are you thinking?” Logan patted her on her head gently.

“You!” She replied with a smile.

At this moment, Logan was turned on and just wanted to make love to her right here right now. But it was not a good timing. He had to sigh in secret.

Elena stopped tempting him and fled from his arms, “It’s still early. Yet you are not working now. You little lazy pig.”

Logan teased her intentionally, “If possible, I hope I can spend every minute with you.”

“And that’s President Brown’s wish? Impressive!” Elena smiled.

“Who did you meet today?”

“How did you know?” She was surprised. ‘Did he send someone to follow me?’ She couldn’t help guessing.

“Don’t overthink. It’s just the perfume.”

Oh, right. Emma preferred strong perfume. So she must got Emma’s perfume when they stayed close.

“What a good nose!” She herself barely smelt it.

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