Presiden's wild wife

Chapter97 He intended

For Elena, it was much more peaceful without the harassment of the Bushes. Yolanda had also returned to the Brown Group, which saved her a lot of trouble.

Elena was sending the material given by Jacob to Logan. She took a glimpse and asked, “The purchasing plan of the Oriental? Are you going to buy it?”

“You know the Oriental?” Logan was a little surprised.

Elena smiled, “Daisy told me. The Oriental belongs to the Spencer Group. And since she is Mrs. Spencer...”

“You two seem close.”

“Of course, I know more than you!”said Elena deliberately. Daisy had been contacting her more frequently those days. The conversation last time had made them even closer.

Logan put down the file and held her waist, “Then tell me what I don’t know.”

“Secret!”she declined and then rubbed his face mischievously, “How can you be so gossipy? You are interested in women’s talk?”

He was gossipy? Logan narrowed his eyes, “Hmm?”

Elena felt dangerous and wanted to step back. But the next second, he pulled her closer and tempted her with a bewitching voice. “How about refreshing me, Elena?”

Refreshing? How? Refreshing him service?

She put on a serious look. “What are you talking about! This is your office, not home!”

“What are you thinking?” Seeing her blushing and rejection, Logan seemed to know she had misunderstood him and asked deliberately.

“Eh?” What was that supposed to mean? He didn’t mean sex service? Elena was confused.

cupped her face and kissed her on her lips.

out with her. That’s all. How came he become

was thinking of nothing!” she explained hurriedly as if trying to

“Nothing?” he asked.


what I am thinking now, will you?” he looked into

eyes. “I

making her nervous and longing for something somehow. And his hand was lingering on her back. She couldn’t help trembling yet wanting more. But at this moment, she

parted her lips


left him and ran to the bathroom

knocked at the door with a

door was opened slightly and Elena showed her face

embarrassed. How could she ever

“I’m having my period, and I don’t

in this situation. But he quickly calmed down and said seriously, “I’ll get

she had said it loud and solved this problem. But the next minute, Logan came back and asked, “Which...which brand do

so embarrassed that she slammed the door at once and

he brought her tampon

this whole morning. She just focused on her computer,

call from Daisy near the afternoon. She glanced at Logan who was reading the

“Okay.”he didn’t ask anything.

and I shall be back before the evening.” Elena

“All right.” He nodded.

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