Presiden's wild wife

Chapter95 Logan’s decision

Logan could only bury this pain in his heart as a secret. He could achieve anything except carrying his beloved woman. Why should fate be so cruel to him!

When Elena woke up, she found Logan was not there. It was late night and she walked around barefoot before finding him in the study room.

“Logan?” she whispered. His lonely shadow made her somehow a bit sad.

Turning around slowly, Logan seemed happier to see her, “When did you wake up? Are you hungry now?”

She held his hand, “Minutes ago. Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Of course he wouldn’t wake her up. He hoped she slept soundly. After a while of silence, he said, “You may go downstairs. Mia prepared dinner for you.”

“Have you had it?” asked Elena. As she expected, he shook his head.

It seemed so quiet when they were having dinner together. Elena couldn’t help but to secretly look at Logan. Finally she asked, “ Logan, did Mason say something to you while I was sleeping?”

“No, it’s none of his business.”

“Well.” Then why was he so quiet today? What was upsetting him?

“Elena,” said Logan trembling slightly, “Let’s go to the doctor for my...legs tomorrow.”

Elena felt surprised. She looked at him with such joy and excitement that she couldn’t even speak right now.

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